Mrs Hinch reveals why we should all be cleaning clockwise for a sparkling home

Never miss a thing again

If you are hoping to get your home sparkling during the lockdown, Mrs Hinch reveals the key could be in the direction you clean.

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The cleaning guru, Sophie Hinchcliffe, introduced her 3.2 million followers to the 'clockwise clean'. Posting a time-lapse video of her cleaning her dining room, the cleaning star demonstrated her tried and tested method of getting her home gleaming.

Mrs Hinch's clockwise clean

sophie hinchliffe is a influencer

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'I've put everything in the basket that I know I'll need and the room I've chosen is the dining room,' she captioned on a snap of her cleaning caddy.

'Get your Hinching baskets out, walk into the room and start to your left (that's your 12 o'clock), work your way around the room (1, 2, 3 o'clock),' she explains in her caption. 'I love these cleans because I know I haven't missed one thing in the room.'

Mrs Hinch recommends carrying a basket or caddy around the room with you as you clean. She explains that it is 'so much quicker,' and that you can pick up a little blue number like her's from pound stretcher.

In her clockwise routine, she runs through her arsenal of cleaning products. She uses Elbow Grease on the PVC and Astonish window and glass cleaner on the mirror.

She dusts and polishes everything else with a pledge fluffy duster and Mr Sheen, before giving her artificial flowers, curtains and rug a blast of Febreeze.

However, there is one part of the clockwise clean that she leaves until the very end. 'I'll now hoover and mop throughout this room and I'm done,' she writes.

Mrs Hinch isn't alone in recommending leaving the floor until the very end. Lynsey Queen of Clean, who is a fan of the top-down clean also recommends leaving the hoovering till the very end. That way you can easily pick up any dust that has drifted down from higher surfaces.

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Will you be giving your home a clockwise clean this weekend?

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