One DIY pro installs ingenious under bath storage – and even Mrs Hinch is a fan!

This has to be the most savvy bathroom storage solution we've ever seen...

What to do for bathroom storage when you have limited space? You make the most of the space under the bath, as one DIY pro demonstrates in her newly renovated bathroom – complete with under bath storage.

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When space was an issue for Klara Senkerikova, 38, and her partner Darron, 31, from Hampshire, they decided to think outside the box to redesign their small bathroom.

The couple overhauled their bathroom and used their best DIY skills to create a clever storage space under the bath...

Bathroom before

bathroom with bath tub

(Image credit: Klara Senkerikova /

The bathroom was not the desirable space the couple longed for in their home. And storage space is all but nonexistent.

Darron got to work on building Klara's vision of under bath storage, inspired by Pinterest.

'My partner made these roughly four years ago, when we were renovating our first house,' she explains. 'I kept seeing one bathroom storage picture on Pinterest, so I showed it to my partner.

storage being built under the bath

(Image credit: Klara Senkerikova /

Going on to say, 'when planning the bathroom renovation, storage was already in his head, so he did all the plumbing and tiling ready for the drawers to be made.'

'Once the bathtub was in, he created these using some waterproof MDF and runners from ebay. The amount you could hide there was just amazing.'

Bathroom after: with savvy under bath storage

storage under the small bathroom

(Image credit: Klara Senkerikova /

The otherwise unused space under the  bath offers plentiful storage for all your bathroom essentials.

Klara explains the overall cost of her bathroom was £1700, but the clever storage unit cost just £170.

'The cost of the storage was around £170, but £60 out of that was the cost of primer, undercoat and paint, which we were using for other storage and coving anyway.'

bathroom with under bath storage and bath tub

(Image credit: Klara Senkerikova /

Klara shares her home renovations on her Instagram, and it's attracted celebrity praise from none other than Mrs Hinch.

The cleaning guru shared the under bath storage unit post (above) on her very own stories, writing, 'I would absolutely love this. I wonder if it can even be done to my bath!' thanking Klara for sharing.

under bath storage small bathroom

(Image credit: Klara Senkerikova /

‘As it was just a little one-bedroom maisonette, space was an issue. So anything we could do to add some storage without making the place look cluttered, we did. And it had to be cheap, as we renovated the place ourselves.'

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Klara Tells Latest Deals that if you’re keen to copy the look, you’ll need to be organised in advance.

'Plan ahead if you’d like something similar and hide all pipes so you can use as much space as possible to make the drawers worth their while,' she adds.

Are you feeling inspired to install storage under your bath?


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