Deck the halls with pods of coffee – Nespresso launches first advent calendar

It's nearly time to buy your advent calendar! So to help keep you awake as you stay up late Christmas Eve wrapping presents, Nespresso comes to the rescue

The run-up to Christmas has (almost!) begun and the festive accessory game welcomes a new player with the Nespresso advent calendar. Advent calendars have undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Long are the days of cheap chocolate calendars, we now see plush designs containing great gifts on sale.

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If novelty chocolate calendars aren't your thing, take an (espresso) shot on the new calendar in town.

The first-ever Nespresso advent calendar

The coffee connoisseur launches its debut advent calendar for all you caffeine lovers, including blends from its limited-edition festive range. This Nespresso advent calendar laughs in the face of the 12-day advent calendar (does anyone else think they're a swizz?). You can enjoy a surprise blend each day from December 1st to 23rd and a special gift on the 24th.

The minimalist design houses 23 capsules of roast and ground coffee. It has a mix of caffeinated and decaffeinated pods, too. Because we all have to sleep sometimes, right?

box calander with white background

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Flavours range from the aromatic African-Latin American blend of Nordic Black, to an Almond Cake coffee. This easily combines vanilla and biscuit aromas, although it will never replace an actual biscuit with your hot drink.

Further tapping into the Nordic craze, Nespresso's calendar also includes a fragrant Nordic Cinnamon Swirl and a Scandinavian Cranberry coffee.

With 24 different windows, this calendar will spice up your morning coffee and will give you a much needed caffeine boost.

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(Image credit: Nespresso)

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But if you're feeling a bit left-field, try Vanilla Princess Cake, which has a creamy vanilla taste and a subtle hint of raspberry. While thrown in amongst all this coffee is something to drink it in - an Origin Lungo Cup.

In stores now: Nespresso coffee advent calendar, £25, Nespresso

The calendar is yours to buy for £25 and is available now in Nespresso boutiques and online.