See the incredible transformation of a humble council house…

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  • This extraordinary home has to be seen to be believed! It features on Netflix's Amazing Interiors, a new series released today!

    This is Talliston House & Gardens, an otherwise humble ex-council house in Essex. It’s home to John Trevillian, an English author, who has spent 25 years and almost £1 million, transforming his home into something out of this world! Quite literally.

    The unassuming house comprises 13 themed rooms. All inspired from different eras and locations around the globe. It’s grandiose decor earned the house a spot on Netlix’s Amazing Interiors. The original new Netflix series showcases the most eccentric homes from all over the world.

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    The interiors of this house lie somewhere between art, decoration and design. Keeping the original property’s layout, each space re-imagines kitchens, bedrooms and even garden sheds beyond expectation.

    Talliston House & Gardens, as seen on Netflix’s Amazing Interiors

    Netflix's Amazing interiors

    Image credit: Gavin Conlan Photography

    From the outside you would never guess the world that lies behind the front door. The front gardens are classed as the first of ‘The Thirteen Rooms of Talliston’. ‘ The Labyrinth’ gardens are inspired by the 1852 front gardens of The Old Rectory in Essex.

    Netflix's amazing Interiors

    Image credit: Gavin Conlan Photography

    Yes, this is the stairwell of that same house! The second room on the list, entitled ‘The Hall Of Mirrors’, has flamboyant interiors are inspired by the stone stairway of ‘The Palace of Shadows’ in Italy.

    Netflix Amazing Interiors

    Image credit: Gavin Conlan Photography

    Welcome to ‘The Voodoo Kitchen’, an eclectic kitchen inspired by a 1950s maid’s kitchen in New Orleans.

    Netlix Amazing interiors

    Image credit: Gavin Conlan Photography

    Talliston is designed as a place where time has no power, akin to stepping inside a living, breathing work of art’ explains owner John Trevillian. ‘It is a massive enterprise, and proves that beauty and magic can be found even in the most ordinary of places.’

    Image credit: Talliston House and Gardens

    The Boathouse’ bathroom takes inspiration from the converted Lightkeeper’s House in Hamarøy, Norway.

    Netflix's Amazing Interiors

    Image credit: Talliston House and Gardens

    Sweet dreams? We’re not so sure. This guest bedroom is entitled ‘The Room Of Dreams’ inspired a Guest room in Moorish Spain Eish Al Kamar (The Moon’s Nest).

    Netlix's Amazing Interiors

    Image credit: Talliston House & Gardens

    This captivating space is the ‘The Starhouse’, taking inspiration from a Japanese teahouse.

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