New blackout and soundproof blinds set to revolutionise how we sleep

We rather like the sound of these...

The light sleepers among us will know the struggles of trying to sleep when there's any level of noise pollution. Be it noisy neighbours or passing cars, the slightest sound can keep us awake at night. If you struggle to get a good night's sleep due to such distractions these new soundproof blinds will be music to your ears.

Online blinds retailer 247 Blinds has developed new Sound Barrier blinds to help aid us sleep better.

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The online retailer carried out *research revealing the majority of Brits only get 6 hours of sleep each night. As a result of these findings the product development team worked tirelessly with acoustic advisors and architectural soundproofers to develop a range of sound-resistant, blackout blinds for the home.

The new roller blinds are made using specially developed, high-density acoustic materials to absorb higher frequency sounds. Along with a clever unique honeycomb-type pattern that creates air pockets, to dissipate vibrations and dampen lower frequency noise.

New blackout sound barrier blinds

living room with sofaset and wooden flooring

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

'It’s unsurprising so many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep in today’s world,' says Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds. 'We live very busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to switch off. Putting up with outside noise, when you’re trying to sleep, is just an added distraction.'

The clever new blinds aim to shut out noise and light, to help create the perfect environment for a better night's kip.

Commenting on the new product development Jason goes to say 'We decided to look at developing soundproof blinds after an increasing demand for people looking to shut-out noise from the outside world. The specially developed technology will be combined with blackout material, to help create the perfect bedroom environment for a good night’s sleep.'

bedroom with white brick walls bed with white pillows and photoframe on wall

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

The new sound barrier blinds will tackle the noise outside, through even double glazing.

Available in a variety of attractive colours they not only do the job, they look the part too.

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How the sound barrier technology works

sound barrier technology picture demo

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

This simple diagram explains how the blinds actually work. The sound absorbing material is sandwiched  between the pretty exterior layers.

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Here's to nothing but uninterrupted hours of slumber from here on in.

*Survey of 1,300 UK workers by Censuswide – on behalf of 247 Blinds in February 2019.


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