The gloves are off! At least they are when it comes to those dreaded cleaning chores

Research reveals that Brits are reluctant to pop on a pair of gloves when doing the household chores - even when it comes to cleaning the loo. Yuck

Hands up - do you always wear your rubber gloves when doing a quick clean up in the kitchen? Cleaning the bath? Come on, please tell us you wear gloves for cleaning the loo...

Unfortunately it seems that most of us actually avoid wearing gloves for these household chores, according to research from cleaning company Bizzybee.

Its survey of over 1,000 people revealed some interesting statistics about when Brits choose to protect their hands when cleaning - and when they don't.


Perhaps the most alarming find was that - despite the obvious unsavouriness of the task - almost half of respondents (48.4%) claimed they never wear gloves when cleaning the loo!

It turns out that the most hygiene-savvy group are 18 to 24 year olds, with 29.6% refusing to wear gloves to clean the loo, while an amazing 53.4% of those aged between 55 and 64 admitted to 'going gloveless'.

lady wearing cooking apron purple gloves and holding spray bottle

(Image credit: Debi Treloar)

And if your man thinks he's too macho to don a pair of rubber gloves, he's not alone - 21% of men feel the same way, while women are almost twice as likely as men to wear gloves whilst doing the washing up.

And we think we know why: almost 70% of respondents agreed that hands can be an easy way of telling someone's age - something domestic goddesses will already know.

purple rubber gloves green vegetables and scissors on wooden table

(Image credit: bizzybee)

‘Our research has revealed some shocking statistics on the nation's cleaning habits,' says Beccy Sandhar from Bizzybee. ‘Tasks such as cleaning the toilet, oven and shower often require hot water, cleaning detergents and chemicals, which can put a lot of strain on our hands.

‘Rubber gloves protect from the spread of germs as well as keeping your hands safe. Looking after your hands is important, so there really is no excuse to not wear gloves when cleaning.’

So next time you reach for the loo brush, for goodness sake do it in rubber gloves...

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