On to a (Michael) Winner? Mystery buyer snaps up movie director's mansion for £50m

The mystery buyer of Winner's lavish Kensington mansion, Woodland House, will have large shoes to fill, not to mention 46 rooms including THAT cinema

We've all watched property shows and thought to ourselves, just how on earth do they have a budget to buy that?

Well a mystery buyer has just splashed out £50m on the late Michael Winner's luxurious mansion, Woodland House. The question is - who?

mansion with brick wall and lawn

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The magnificent property in London's affluent Kensington has 46 rooms - all lavishly decorated - and the lucky buyer will come home to their own cinema room, swimming pool and extensive gardens.


The mansion belonged to movie director Michael Winner for over 30 years and during that time he spent millions renovating it.

mansion living room with light blue chair and wooden table

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Converted from three flats originally bought by his father, George, the property is actually still leasehold - and when the lease runs out in 32 years, it will cost the new owner an estimated £15 million more to extend it.

mansion dining area

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The sale has been agreed almost three months after the death of Michael Winner, although he originally wanted leave it to the local council to be used as a museum, but they couldn't afford the upkeep of the property.

As can be seen from these photographs, Winner had a penchant for traditional - but lavish - interiors.

In fact, the opulent red main bedroom was once described as the ‘one of the finest rooms in London' by King Edward VII.

mansion bedroom

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mansion bathroom with marble flooring

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And the property's past is just as colourful as its interiors.

Hollywood stars don't just grace the walls of the cinema room - it's rumoured that actor Warren Beatty once snogged Michelle Phillips, the Mamas And Papas singer, in this very room.

mansion room with brown sofa and gallery wall

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Interestingly, there were also rumours that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who lives next door, was interested in the property, but these have since been discounted.

So, who would live in a house like this? Watch this space.

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