Can you guess how much Del Boy’s flat from Only Fools and Horses would be worth now? It may shock you!

New York, Paris, Peckham
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  • Across the country, from 1981 through to 2003, people would tune into Only Fools and Horses on BBC One to see what Del and Rodney were getting up to in their South London council flat.

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    The SE postcode has had a serious image overhaul since Del and Rodney planned to launch a global empire based in ‘New York, Paris, Peckham.’ Last year it was even crowned the 11th coolest neighbourhood on the planet by Time Out.

    Only Fools and Horses flat

    Only fools and horses flat 2

    Image credit: Paul Warner/PA Wire/PA Images

    Still the hipsters have yet to price Del and Rodney out of their Only Fools and Horses flat. according to research carried out by Attic Self Storage, the Only Fools and Horse’s flat in Peckham would today be valued at £497k.

    In fact, with Peckham house prices growing as quickly as its reputation, the pair could have turned the flat into almost as lucrative a venture as when they found a John Harrison watch and became ‘millionaires’.

    Only fools and horses flat 1

    Image credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Archive/PA Images

    However, unless home bars and mismatched wallpaper and carpets are your things we can’t imagine flat would be a quick sale.

    Peep Show flat

    Over in Croydon, the two-bed apartment from Peep Show would have cost homeowner Mark £460k. After piling the damage from his flatmate Jeremy’s ill-fated parties on top of his mortgage, we can’t say we don’t blame him for constantly fretting about bills.

    Only fools and horses flat 3

    Image credit: Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images

    Sherlock Holmes flat

    One TV property price that has always perplexed us is 221b Baker Street – Sherlock and Dr Watson’s flat. In the opening episode, Sherlock claims he’s got a good deal from the landlady on the rent.

    It must be a very good deal to pick up a two bedroom flat in central London on a consultant detective’s salary. Despite being much smaller than the Trotters’ flat, it would still cost around the same amount at £468k. We can’t help but wonder how much Mrs Hudson’s entire property is worth, and how she came by it…

    Peaky Blinder’s house

    However, one thing’s for sure, Mrs Hudson could have scooped up a bigger property for a fraction of the price if she’d moved to Birmingham with the Peaky Blinders. Despite the Shelby clan running a chunk of London, they always keep their headquarters in Small Heath.

    The Shelby Parlour is three times the size of Sherlock’s flat but the whole house is valued at £229k. Always with a head for business, the Shelbys know not to sacrifice value for money for the glitz of London, no matter how big Shelby Company Limited grows.

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    Would you be willing to scoop up any of these TV homes at these prices?

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