See how painting a bath can completely transform a bathroom – especially in pink!

Is it time to give your bathtub the new year makeover it deserves?
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  • Is your bathroom in need of some TLC? If you’re on a budget but want to make an impact, painting a bath can work wonders. One such homeowner who knows only too well the impact a new shade of the tub can make, it’s Sofie of Instagram account @threeboysandapinkbath.

    Sofie has been sharing her home transformation with fans for almost two years, gaining over 55K. As you can imagine, the clue’s in the name, her stunning home features a pink bath.

    Painting the bath surround is a simple yet totally transformative step.

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    The results of painting a bath pink…

    painting a bath

    Image credit: RustOleum/@threeboysandapinkbath

    A quick and easy way to update bathrooms is with a splash of paint. By introducing a new colour on your free-standing bath you can create a chic new-look in no time.

    Sofie’s Instagram account is named after her DIY pink roll-top bath.

    Responding to one follower’s question if the bath is cast iron she says, ‘It’s not!!!! We bought a cheap fibre one’. Showing you can paint any material with the right paint.

    Speaking of the right paint, Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint is up to the job. Often requiring no sanding this smart paint makes application pretty straight forward. Super hard wearing, highly pigmented and without the need for a protective lacquer or wax – it’s a great choice for ease.

    Sofie confirms with Ideal Home HQ the paint shade is Pink Champagne Satin Finish Furniture Paint by Rust-Oleum.

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    All I want for Christmas 🎄is a pink bathtub 🛀 (like what I did there 😂🤷🏻‍♀️) . Might need a house to put it in first though hey 😭😂🛀 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. This is the one room I’m missing more than any other since we departed London Town. Probably because our current bathroom resembles something akin to a cupboard 😂 and there’s really not much we can do about that 🤷🏻‍♀️. If we’d bought it I’d be knocking walls out and changing the layout in a flash, but alas, that needs to wait. We’ve found a gaff, it’s a HUGE project (well what did you expect hey never ones to make life easy for ourselves 😂), but we are having some issues with the complex porting of our old mortgage and these £36k redemption fees we are being hit with 😱 unless we find a house the bank likes ( the bank does not like day light in the roof and plots that look like jungles FYI 🙄). We’ve had two extensions on the #buyahouseorlose36kgate time frame so it’s now 7 months until D day 😱. I’ve posted on FB today in the hope someone’s grandma in the area might have another dirty house for us 😂 (the dirtier the better please we aren’t fussy 😂) and we’ve another meeting with the bank tomorrow to persuade them to get onboard with #projectdaylight 🤷🏻‍♀️. Pray for us guys we really need some luck 🤞 . #bathroomgoals #cornerofmyhome #bathroomdecor #bathroominspo #rolltopbath #pinkbath #colourism #styleithappy #interior4u #interiorsblogger #myperiodhomestyle #homesandgardens #londonhomes #bathroomsofinsta #pinkbathcrew #apartmentdecor #apartmenttherapy #ekbbhome #livingetc #designattractor #colourismyjam

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    Sofie and her family have since sold up, leaving behind the pink bath of dreams.

    In her latest post she says, ‘All I want for Christmas 🎄is a pink bathtub 🛀 (like what I did there 😂🤷🏻‍♀️). Might need a house to put it in first though hey 😭😂🛀 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. This is the one room I’m missing more than any other since we departed London Town.’ Easy to see why.

    We cannot wait to see how Sofie transforms her new family home. No thing’s for sure… it’s set to feature a pink bath!

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    What Hue are you most in favour for in bathrooms in 2020?

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