Doggy paddle! New cool accessories help pets stay well during heatwave – including a paddling pool

Help furry friends beat the heat
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  • Imagine wearing a fur coat during the current sizzling temperatures?! With that image in our heads, we’re looking for ways to keep beloved pooches cool.

    Well Pets at Home has our four-legged friends needs covered with a range of summer accessories, all designed to keep pets safe in the summer sunshine. Including a dedicated doggy paddling pool, sun shade, cooling vests and even sun lotion. The new Pets at Home cooling range is available in stores and online now.

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    And what’s more, from Friday 7th August until Thursday 13th August, products in the cooling range will be included in a 25 per cent off promotion.

    Let’s help our pets stay cool in style this summer…

    Pets at Home cooling product range

    Pets at Home cooling range for dogs

    Cool and the gang! This looks like a garden party we all want n invite to this summer.

    ‘With foreign holidays seeming a long way off for many, we’re turning to our gardens this summer and getting out and about with our pets in the sunshine’ explains Claire Gavin from Pets at Home. ‘But just as the sun can be damaging to our skin, it poses a risk for the health of our pets too.’

    ‘We know that keeping pets cool during the summer months can be a challenge, so our new range has been created with the health, welfare and safety needs of our pets top of mind. Whilst ensuring they can keep cool and have fun in the sun too.’

    Dog paddling pool

    dog paddling pool

    Not just for the kids…give. your pooch their own pool to splash about to cool off. The durable pool has been designed to withstand even the most excitable pup. It featuring a mesh pocket and convenient leash retainer, and pops up and down in seconds for ease.

    Buy now: Cool Club Dog Paddling Pool, from £18, Pets at Home

    Cooling vest for dogs

    This cooling vest will help keep your pooch cool for up to 6 hours. It also helps to protect them against UV and heat-related illness.

    Buy now: Elastofit Ice Blue Dog Vest, S– XXL  from £9.75, Pets at Home

    UV Sun shade for pets

    dog sun shade

    Throw some shade, in a good sense. The pop up shade tent provides pups with a shady spot to rest from the heat. In stores only, was £18 now £13.50.

    Sunscreen for dogs

    dog sunscreen

    Buy now: Petkin Doggy Sunmist Spray SPF15, £4.50, Pets at Home

    The experts at Pets at Home offer the following tips to aid with your pets welfare during the heat.

    Ways to help your dog stay cool during the summer

    1.Never leave them in the car alone

    It’s a no no. Even in shade or with the window open.

    2. Take water  on the go

    If you’re heading out and about take water and a bowl with you if you’re going on a long walk.

    3. Avoid the hottest parts of the day

    Same as is recommended for humans, avoid strenuous walks and exercise during the hottest part of the day.

    4. Stick to shaded areas

    When venturing out stick to paths or parks where you know there’s shade.

    5. Never leave your dog in a warm room

    Think about them when you’re out. Never leave them in hot rooms such as a conservatory when you go out. Ensure your pet always has an option of somewhere cool to go.

    6. Give them a groom

    Give long-haired or fluffy dogs a summertime groom

    7. Use aids and sunscreen

    Use cooling aids or toys, and protect your dog with dog-friendly sunscreen

    Drink dispenser

    dog drink bottle

    If taking drink out with you, these handy new dispensers are invaluable. You can pop them in the fridge or even freezer before you leave the house, to ensure the water is perfectly cooled.

    Buy now: Cool Club Prism Travel Dog Water Bottle, £2.25, Pets at Home

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    This range helps the whole family to live their best life in the sunshine.


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