Who’d live in a, err, garage like this? Plan to turn disused lock-ups into £11-a-week pop-up homes

An enterprising architect firm has proposed turning disused garages on countil estates into 'bijou' homes in a bid to solve the UK's chronic housing shortage

The lack of affordable housing is every government’s worst nightmare but one enterprising architecture firm has come up with a novel solution to turn a rows of out-of-use garages into cosy £11-a-week pop-up bedsits.

The proposed scheme is the brainchild of architects, Georgie Revell and Sarah Jenkinson from Levitt Bernstein following a competition run by the Building Trust to provide low-cost housing in deprived urban areas.

The 11.5 square metre mini homes will contain a bed, small kitchen and bathroom with just enough room for a modest table and two chairs.Could this be the future of social housing? Architecture firm, Levitt Bernstein have unveiled plans to turn disused garages into affordable homes  Levitt Bernstein

A laundry plus further kitchen and dining facilities will also be available to residents with every fifth garage set to be turned into a communal area for residents.

The homes are expected to cost around £13,000 each and the components are completely demountable and reusable.

What’s more, the the HAWSE (Homes through Apprenticeships With Skill for Employment) pop-up structures will be manufactured off-site as kits, and will be assembled by apprentices to teach them essential construction techniques.

Winning architect, Georgie Revell said: ‘The proposal targets under-used spaces in high density areas where land value is hight and rising. We believe it offers a creative and practical interim solution between other development opportunities and we’re really excited about the potential to devolop the scheme.’Time for a facelift: Turning disused garages into pop-up homes is expected to cost around £13,000 each and will be assembled by apprentices  Google

So could this be the future of affordable social housing with a heart? Levitt Bernstein is already in talks with a number of local authorities and if successful, you could be popping in to a pop-up home near you soon!

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