Can you guess the most popular front door colour for 2018?

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  • This question caused a bit of a stir here at Ideal Home HQ, as none of us guessed right!

    January may be looking dreary but the same can’t be said for our front door colour, according to leading composite door company Truedor. The door specialists together with brand ambassador George Clarke, have revealed the top 10 New Year’s Colour List – and the future is bright!

    ‘Many of us want to start the year with a positive change so why not embrace the new season colour trends for the front of your home,’ says George Clarke, architect and TV’s property expert. ‘Try a colour that is a little bolder, perhaps more unusual, even a shade for your door that reflects your personality. You will be surprised by the lift it gives your home.’

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    Can you guess which hue is winning over UK homeowners?

    Front-door-colours CHI-Bright-Yellow

    Image credit: David Brittain

    We personally love a sunshine yellow front door to brighten up a home, but this sunny shade only made it to number six in the charts. Our money was on primarily on shades of grey, given that it’s been the hottest interiors colour of recent years. It would seem that grey is out of favor, having only reached number seven in the best-sellers charts, based on recent sales.

    Here’s The Top 10 New Year’s Colour List;

    10. Duck egg blue
    9. Primrose yellow
    8. Cobalt blue
    7. Grey
    6. Bright yellow

    Whilst traditional front door colours, such as black and white,  still have their place in top five, Truedor revealed it has been experiencing greater demand for bespoke shades as UK homeowners look to inject a little personality to their properties. The front door is proving to be the ideal place to try out a bold new colour, rather than carrying out a total overhaul of the interior.


    Image credit: Robert Sanderson

    5. Crisp white
    4. Black
    3. Light violet
    2. Steel blue
    1. Mid purple

    We like to think we know our stuff when it’s comes to colour trends, so it was highly surprising that not one of the team guessed the colour purple would prove to be the most popular shade for front doors in the UK!

    Could this be the reason for purples popularity? The Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 has been announced!


    Truedor offers doors in almost any shade, a world of colour possibilities for exterior and interior doors. So, whether it’s Princely Purple, Majestic Mauve or Vivid Violet, homeowners can now choose the door of their dreams. An attractive front door creates the right welcome for your guests, before they’ve even step foot inside.

    So, will you be welcoming a purple front door for your home this year?


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