Mad About The House's Kate Watson-Smyth reveals her prediction for the next big interior trend

And it's inspired by lockdown

Two months of lockdown has left most of us with plenty of time to re-assess our interiors. Such a drastic change in our way of life has had an effect on what we want from our home. But, could it have gone so far as to inspire some post lockdown interior trends?

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The author of Mad about the House and founder of the award-winning interior blog of the same name, Kate Watson-Smyth believes so. 'I do think that lockdown is potentially changing our minds in ways we hadn't expected,' Kate told Ideal Home.

post lockdown interior trend

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'I would always say that I don't like yellow. But I keep looking at pictures of yellow kitchens, and also very bright green kitchens,' she explained. 'I'm wondering if whether it's nine weeks of being inside and trying to bring the outdoors in a bit.'

So what are the interior trends that we can expect to be going crazy for after lockdown?

Kate Watson-Smyth's post lockdown interior trends

1. Bright colours

bright colours post lockdown interior trends

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The retro and tropical trends have already seen a drift back toward brighter colours. Kate predicts we could see an even bigger shift toward bright yellow and greens.

'I'm wondering if, after months of lockdown, we'll be brought toward really bright colours,' she explains. However, she points out that there is the potential for colours to go the opposite way.

2. Soft, soothing colours

'It could go the other way and we may just need calming soft restful colours,' says the author. 'It's been quite a busy period in our heads, if not in our lives. I couldn't call it which way it could go. But I think it will change.'

soft soothing colours post lockdown interior trend

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3. Art Nouveau

The glamour of Art Deco has been a trend that has shown no sign waning on the lead up to lockdown. However, Kate predicts that we could soon be trading in the bold geometric lines of Art Deco, for the soft trailing lines of Art Nouveau.

'Art Nouveau came before Art Deco, and it was all to do with natural form and flowers and curving shapes,' explains Kate. 'I actually think that is something we'd be much more drawn to at the moment. So I am quite interested to see if our art deco thing gives way.'

art nouveau post lockdown interior trends

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Fortunately, tapping into some of these trends doesn't have to wait until lockdown is over. According to a recent survey by Barclays Mortgages, over half of Brits have used the extra time spent at home to tackle jobs at home they'd been putting off, so follow their lead and pick up a paint brush.

The study revealed that 33 per cent have used this time to paint and decorate. But when it comes to painting you don't have to stick to the four walls. Painted ceilings and doors are all trends that have taken off recently.

'The power contained in a tin of paint is just incredible, you can change your walls or change one wall, you can change the ceiling, furniture, and the paint isn't very expensive,' explains Kate. 'It has a kind of disproportionate amount of magic in the tin.'

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Which lockdown trend will you be trying out?

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