Top five potential dangers in the garden revealed – can you guess what they are?

It's a jungle out there

Our gardens are our sanctuaries, a place to be enjoyed. Who knew they could be so fraught with danger? We reveal the top garden hazards that we should all be aware of in order to avoid them.

Horticultural experts Garden Buildings Direct have identified by the most common causes of accidents that occur in the garden.

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'Thousands of Brits will be taking to their gardens this summer to preen, prune and plant. But it’s important to make sure you’re doing so safely,' says a spokesperson for
Garden Buildings Direct.

'Taking some extra time to identify the areas in which accidents could occur, and dealing with them immediately could be all that’s needed to prevent incidents from occurring.'

Avoid a trip to A&E this summer by preventing the common garden accidents...

Top 5 garden hazards and how to avoid them

1. Pools and ponds

pool with water and plants

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While water features look fantastic and swimming pools or great fun, unsurprisingly they pose the most significant hazard – especially to young children. For this reason, it's better to any water plans on hold until any children in the home are over the age of 5, at least. If a pool or pond is already in place experts advise minimising the risks by building a face around the parameter.

2. Ladder hazards

Most households own at least one ladder to hand, but this versatile
tool has caused many Brits a trip to A&E. A simple slip could lead to serious injuries, therefore ensure the ladder is only placed on solid, even ground and that the steps are clean and dry. A ladder that has rubber feet will prevent it from slipping.

3. Lawn mowers

'Reports have revealed that 6500 accidents in the UK were caused by the unassuming lawn mower.' That's a staggering amount to fall victim to an everyday gardening machine.  The vast majority of these occurred during the process of cleaning said mower. Hardly surprising given the sharp blades. It may seem obvious, but better to be safe than sorry – before cleaning, always ensure the mover is unplugged.

The second most occurring mover accident is the mower running over feet – Ouch. While cutting the grass may seem like a simple task, we've seen accidents do happen.  It's recommanded to leave this to experienced individuals who have the proper safety equipment.

4. Flower pots

flower pots with hanging and white wall

(Image credit: future PLC/Spike Powell)

Here's one we didn't seen coming – quite literally. Flower pots, especially of the hanging variety, can pose a threat. If not they are not properly secured or weighed down, they could fall and cause harm.  A simple gust of wind (very likely with British weather) could result in unsecured pots falling on someone, potentially causing serious damage.

5. Garden maintenance

While we love a spot of DIY maintenance, it's up there on the list of garden hazards for various reasons. Namely for the potential of putting strain on the body from lifting heavy objects. Shifting outdoor furniture or machinery across the lawn can put a strain on joints and muscles. As if watching healthy and safety work videos, ensure sure you’re performing these tasks properly to avoid injury.

6. Gardening tools

garden area with gardening tools and garden forks

(Image credit: future PLC/Oliver Gordon)

Discarded garden tools, such as shears and garden forks, will always present a danger in the garden. For convenience it's tempting to keep them out, but as they pose a potential safety hazard it's best to put them away. After using, make sure they’re safely returned to the shed or an alternative safe area. Always well out of reach of kids.

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This report is merely to make us aware that even the most innocent of garden objects can be hazardous.


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