Primark’s Hogwarts advent calendar will count you down to a magical Christmas

For everyone who is still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts
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  • If, like us, you’re still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts, then wait no longer. The Primark Harry Potter advent calendar is back, and this year Primark is treating us to Hogwarts itself.

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    The new Primark Harry Potter advent calendar dropped in selected Primark stores across the UK this week. It is the ultimate treat for any serious Harry fanatic or Potterhead.

    Primark Harry Potter advent calendar

    Shaped like the sweeping Hogwarts castle, this advent calendar is bound to add some magic to your Christmas. Even the small windows have been tinted to give the effect of flickering candles inside the great hall.

    Primark harry potter advent calendar 1

    Each drawer is coloured to match one of the four houses – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin – and features a gold number for the countdown to Christmas. There are also a few gold illustrations of a few of the Hogwarts school supplies that often have a mind of their own. Can you spot the golden snitch?

    When a video of the new advent calendar appeared on Primark’s Instagram, the snowy video had fans in a spin.

    ‘omg 😱’ wrote one excited shopper.

    ‘I will be purchasing,’ wrote another matter-of-factly.

    ‘I need one for my house,’ commented another.

    Priced at £16 the advent calendar should see you through many mince pie filled Christmas’ and Harry Potter screenings on Boxing Day.

    Each year simply fill the drawers with chocolaty frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whizzbees or some more muggle-friendly sweets.

    Last years Harry Potter advent calendar

    Shaped like the ruby red Hogwarts Express, the train is made up of two compartments. The front of the train is the splitting image of the famous magical train.

    The front of the train is detailed in golden paint with a neat little sign saying ‘Hogwarts Express’ and the train’s number ‘5972’. The second compartment – rather than being packed with students – is filled with small drawers.


    When a video of lasts years Primark Harry Potter advent calendar appeared on the brand’s Instagram feed, it caused a huge stir.

    The caption read ‘Fresh from Platform 9¾, our Harry Potter Hogwarts Express advent calendar has arrived into selected stores. Fill the drawers with whatever magical treats you like and wait patiently for the start of December.’

    It rapidly clocked up over 111,000 views and 2,904 comments. Shoppers were desperate to get their hands on it and even enlisting friends to help. One shopper told her friend: ‘To be clear, if you see this then buy it, I beg you.’

    Fans couldn’t wait to treat their little ones (and themselves) to a litter Potter magic this Christmas commenting:

    ‘This one is gonna end up on my shelf for sure.’

    ‘Advent calendar 2019 sorted’

    ‘OMG!! I need one’

    ‘For your mini Potter fans’

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    You can pick up the advent calendar at most major Primary stores across the UK.

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