Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nursery makeover – what the royal baby's room might look like

It will definitely be fit for a prince or princess

With Meghan Markle's due date getting every closer (and revealed today to be April), we can't help but imagine how she and Price Harry might decorate the royal nursery. We know from Meg's now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, that her interiors style is casual yet chic. A blast of Californian cool with a touch of Scandi hygge thrown in for good measure. But how will this be reflected in the royal baby's room.

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We asked Joanna Riding, founder of Mini Maison, what she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nursery makeover might look like.

1. Don't expect it to be matchy matchy

'With Meghan’s love of crisp whites, varied textures and approachable style, the royal couple are likely to weave their contemporary taste into the baby’s nursery',' says Joanna. 'Don't expect them to head down the traditional "pale pink/baby blue with matching furniture" route.'

This is the sort of Boho nursery style that Joanna says we can expect. She thinks Meghan will be confident enough in her style to pick and choose individual pieces that work together, rather than invest in a furniture 'suite'.

2. The cot is king

white nursery with plywood flooring and cupboard

(Image credit: Mini Maison)

'A cot is a great place to start when designing a nursery,' says Joanna. 'It can help set the tone for the room, and our customers love the innovative Hoppa cotbed that features curved sides and lacquered beech plywood, providing a beautifully ergonomic and safe space for baby. It will fit perfectly with the pale wood furniture that we know Meghan loves.

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3. Meghan is likely to stick with neutrals

white nursery room with cradle and yellow chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

'We can expect to see varying shades of white mixed with pale beiges and greys,' says Joanna. 'This will sit alongside some bolder monochrome patterns and greenery for contrast. I’m picturing long flowing white voile curtains draped to a wooden herringbone floor, with a beautiful rocking chair at the large bright window, filling the room with daylight.'

Joanna believes that a Mini Maison bestseller, Bartsch Paris’ cloud wallpaper, could be the perfect backdrop to the new baby's room. 'It offers a not-too-cold shade of grey creating a calming space, and it has little raindrops of metallic silver and gold, which give it a special timeless quality,' she says. 'It is made using traditional techniques in a British factory which will appeal to Meghan and Prince Harry and would make a beautiful feature wall.'

4. The nursing chair will be a key piece

white guest room with armchair and carpet floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Joanna has identified that 'A key piece of furniture in any nursery is a nursing chair' and recommends a design from luxury British brand, Baby Grey. 'They provide interiors-loving parents with a bespoke service to create their very own nursing chair,' she explains. 'With fabric options including leather-look and velvet, these are the ultimate in baby rockers that are designed specifically with feeding mother’s in mind.

velvet grey rocking chair

(Image credit: Baby Grey)

'I think that "Bertie", a modern take on a Chesterfield, in a pale grey velvet would make a wonderful addition to the royal nursery and provide a space for the new parents to bond with their child,' Joanna adds.

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5. Meghan's style will shine through in the finishing touches

'With Meghan’s love of mixing textures, I think we can expect to see an eclectic selection of materials in the room,' says Joanna. 'I'm thinking a sheepskin over the nursing chair, a muted cotton canopy draped over the cot, a macramé wall hanging, a natural baby mobile and lots of plants (real or faux) dotted around the room.'

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'For the perfect finishing touch to the nursery, a berber style rug such as the now-famous rug from La Redoute (the one that’s now got its own Instagram page, no less) would create a warm, cosy feeling that is true to Meghan’s style.'

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