Here’s how to pick up one of the UK’s top-selling games for free this Easter weekend

Simply download and print
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  • If you’re struggling for ideas to keep the kids entertained this Easter weekend try one of these printable board games.

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    Asmodee, the leading games company, has made six of its most popular family cames available to download and print for free! Including the UK’s top-selling game Dobble.

    Fed up of playing monopoly or snakes and ladders for the hundredth time? This is an easy way to expand your board game repertoire while staying at home.

    These are the games that are currently available to download and print:

    Printable board games

    printable board games 3

    Image credit: Asmodee


    Sometimes called ‘Spot It!’ is an observation and reflex game. There are a number of mini-games that you can play with the deck of cards. But whichever game you choose to play the object is always to be the fastest to spot the identical symbol between two cards.


    Dixit is made up of a series of image cards that are open to interpretation by players. One player will place a card facedown and say a word inspired by the card. It is up to the other players to place down a card in the same way. Then vote for which card they believe is the original image.

    printable board games 1

    Image credit: Asmodee

    Combo Colour

    This colouring-in game is simple but fun. Each player has a different colour pen.

    On your turn, you colour in a space with an arrow or a space adjacent to another that you or another player has coloured in. You score points by colouring in symbols along the way.


    This card game is inspired by escape rooms. It uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects and solve riddles. Use the cards and companion app to provide clues, check codes and keep an eye on the time remaining.

    printable board games 2

    Image credit: Asmodee

    Cortex Challenge

    Give your brain a work out with this game that will test players thinking, memory and speed skills. Players compete in 8 different challenges from duplicates, touch tests, logical series, mazes and more.


    See if those home history lessons are paying off with this game that combines intuition and historical knowledge. Players place cards on a timeline to win the game.

    All the games can be downloaded via this link online.

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    Will you be printing any of them off?

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