Professional Organiser reveals why your hangers could be damaging your clothes

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  • When it comes to hangers, slimline hangers are a brilliant investment. However, a professional organiser has revealed that some hangers could actually be damaging your clothes.

    Slimline hangers are often a crucial building block when it comes to wardrobe storage ideas.  However, Vicky Silverthorn, founder of the professional organizing service You Need a Vicky, points out that despite what many of us may think, hangers aren’t always one size fits all.

    ‘Slimline hangers are a great investment adding a uniformed look and space-saving at the same time,’ says Vicky. However, she recommends always checking how they fit different items in your wardrobe.

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    ‘There are various hangers on the market but not all will suit your size,’ she explains. ‘The easily available velvet hangers with a bar across which you can purchase anywhere can often be too large for your clothing and in turn cause nasty pulls on the shoulders of your clothing.’

    The reason behind this is that most adult hangers have been designed to hang a man’s shirt, which isn’t good news for any woman who has slightly narrower shoulders. Since the ultimate purpose of the best wardrobe organizers is to keep your clothes in good condition, the last thing you want is to buy new hangers that are going to push the shoulders of your favourite jacket out of shape.

    Luckily, Vicky has found a solution, and you can buy them on Amazon. ‘I have found the version of these with no bar (I have only found them on Amazon) are slightly smaller in width and may work a lot better if you are around a women’s size 6-10ish,’ she explains.

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    ‘There are many more expensive versions of hangers out there – I have become an expert in what works where and for which items of clothing. The rubber non-slip hangers are great and you can even buy a curved version if you like to hang your knitwear (no shoulder marks),’ adds Vicky.

    A well-organised wardrobe is also one that keeps your clothes safe, so it is worth selecting your hangers with care. If you want to keep track of the best hanger for your favourite items of clothing you can try adding labels as a reminder.

    A standard label maker will work on some plastic hangers. Alternatively, if you have velvet hangers the Cricut Joy, a digital cutting machine, allows you to make custom labels out of iron-on material you can attach to the hangers using the Cricut EasyPress Mini.

    Have you got the right hangers for the clothes in your wardrobe?

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