Top cities to visit in 2016 revealed - and you won't believe the area representing Britain, it's one Hull of a shock!

Of course romantic European cities and soulful American towns make the cut, but you'll be surprised to hear that Hull is up there too!

Looking for a little city break to help cure those January blues?

According to the Rough Guide of 2016 you only need to jump on an East Coast train to Hull to be in one of this year's Top 10 Cities!

Just 12 years after 'Crap Towns' dubbed the northern city ‘Britain's worst place to live' the Yorkshire city has been revamped with Rough Guides declaring, 'things are finally looking up for Hull.'

yorkshire city view

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The Humberside dwelling will be representing Britain in 2017 as the City of Culture so this year acts as its dry run. Visitors can expect a menu of new restaurants and hotels, a sprinkling of arty museums and a celebration of oldy worldy Yorkshire culture.

Australian poet Peter Porter even named it 'the most poetic city in England.'

Accompanying the city on the Top 10 list is Iceland's capital, Reykjavík. With a stunning array of natural wonders, chocolate box houses and a cool crowd the city is quickly becoming a hot spot for young British travellers and is just a three hour flight from London.

Beyond this, Mexico City makes an appearance at number two - who could resist that Latino love?

It's followed by the pop cultural hub of Seoul, South Korea. Rough Guides labels the city 'a vibrant underbelly of ultra-cool that much of the world is just beginning to discover' - and we can't wait to explore it either.

Slovenia is expected to take over Hamburg's 2015 mantel as the new go-to European spot due to its wealth of green spaces and European Green Capital of 2016 crown.

It's close neighbour Wroclaw comes in next and Amsterdam cosies up close behind thanks to the new Eurostar London to Amsterdam link coming later this year.

Music capital of America, Nashville is expected to be a big-hitter due to its growing popularity and prestige in the music world.

Encased in panoramic views of snowy-topped peaks, Vancouver comes in 9th. Boasting gateways to Whistler's slopes, Canadian rainforests and hosting this year's World Rugby Sevens Series Tournament, how can you not find something for everyone here?

And finally, India's enlightened city, Agra. All to often forgotten as simply the coach stop off point for the Taj Mahal, this city has a lot more to offer. Set on the banks of the sacred Yamuna River, crumbling monuments, vibrant art festivals and the Mughal gardens punctuate this chaotic city with dazzling spectacles.

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