A plant lover shares genius house plant display hack using an old shower caddy

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Once considered a slightly naff moving in present, the houseplant has become a home decor must-have. However, we've now reached the point where we're running out of space to put our leafy friends.

As we all know, you can never have too many houseplants. Ever. One plant lover has just shared her clever house plant idea on Reddit, which might just be the solution to all our plant-hoarding problems.

She has given a budget hanging shower caddy, available at Amazon, a whole new purpose by spray painting it gold and using it to display her favourite pot plants.

Budget houseplant shelf hack using old shower caddy

shower caddy with houseplants and rough wall

(Image credit: u/queenkay)

Reddit user Queenkay recently posted this picture of her pothos plants in a gardening group. She writes: 'I spray painted an old shower caddy and turned into more shelving for plants!'

Lots of other houseplant lovers commented on her budget houseplant shelf hack to say what a great idea it was. Others shared options for using a shower caddy out in the garden, too.

Simplywire 3 Tier Hanging Shower Caddy – Rust Resistant Chrome, £9.99 at Amazon

Simplywire 3 Tier Hanging Shower Caddy – Rust Resistant Chrome, £9.99 at Amazon
Make the most of vertical space and display your favourite plants on the wall in a hanging shower caddy. This affordable option from Amazon will look great once spray painted. Revamp it with a paint colour of your choice – just make sure it’s designed for metal

kitchen with shelves and plants

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

'I use these too! I hang them on my cucumber/squash trellises and put flowering plants in them. Helps attract the pollinators,' wrote one.

This shower caddy houseplant trick is a fab option if you're fast running out of space on windowsills, worktops and shelves. As one Reddit user suggests, you could also try hanging your shower caddy outside as a small garden idea.

We think it could add a splash of colour to small balconies or conservatories. Hang the shower caddy up on the wall in a spot that gets some natural light, and it will also keep plants out the way of pets.

house plant with pot and shelves

(Image credit: Dobbies)

If you don't have an old shower caddy knocking around, you can still try this houseplant storage option on a tight budget. Some spray paint for metal, at Amazon costs around £7 and you might find a caddy on online selling sites like Facebook Marketplace.

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