1 euro houses are on sale at two more Italian villages, and we're ready to live La Dolce Vita

We're saying ciao to life in Italia

Big dreams + not-so-big budgets is normally the story when it comes to acquiring a holiday home on the continent.

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And if you’ve had grand visions of a charming yet-somehow-inexplicably-cheap chateau in France or a mansion in Monaco that your money will stretch to, then you may continue to be disappointed.

But if a bargain bolthole is something you’re happy to contend with then the news that two more Italian towns are offering houses for the rock-bottom price of 1 euro is bound to raise a smile.


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Yes you read the above right! For less than the price of an espresso you could become the proud owner of charming home in the village of Zungoli in the Campania region of southern Italy or the village of Mussomeli in Sicily.

But before you start planning pizza parties for all and sundry and breakfasts on the balcony al fresco, you’ll want to know the catch. Both villages require you to refurbish your new homes within three years of purchasing them.

Zungoli has launched a Case in Vendita section on its local website, which is in Italian, which currently lists 14 houses for one euro.

Sicilyâ Mussomeli

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We’ve taken a quick glance, and they’re definitely doer uppers, but we still think many are completely charming. Think rustic meets a good old renovation project.

Sicilyâ Mussomeli also has it’s own listing site, Case 1 Euro website, which is in English and has more comprehensive listing information and advice for would-be buyers. It currently has more than 100 properties for sale – with varying levels of work needed.

Detailing the aim of initiative on the site, the village’s municipality writes the following:

‘The project is non-profit and was designed to repopulate the historic center of Mussomeli with people from all over the world.’

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Does the idea of buying a 1 euro house in Italy appeal to you?