New Year, new home! Super simple updates for every room (that won’t break the bank!)

With these easy and affordable twists to your home you'll beat the January blues in no time

Is your home looking a bit bare without all the festive cheer?

After a busy Christmas baking mince pies, tackling the hectic shopping streets and warring over the last turkey in the supermarket it's time to start a new project.

With the home becoming the coolest hotspot to hang out this January, why not spruce up a few rooms with one simple change that will make a world of difference and wow your guests?

Whether you're changing the blinds, painting a feature wall or colouring the grout (trust us, it's not as scary as it sounds) these little alterations will transform your home from a tired space into a drop dead gorgeous domestic den.

Re-grout the kitchen tiles

kitchen with grey cabinet and white wall

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Whether you want to refresh the grout or recolour it completely, this little task will make your tiles, and kitchen, look much brighter. Don't worry, we aren't suggesting you retile the kitchen if you don't have the time, energy or funds. Simply buy a grout pen from your local DIY store or online for about £5 and cover over the old stuff. It's a quick way to spruce up your space in the short term.

Line the living room with new curtains

living room with grey wall and curtains on window

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A change of curtain will transform the entire room, especially if they are a bold print, rich colour and luxuriously fall to the ground. Although drapes can be expensive, they are very easy to stitch and make yourself at home, or take second hand curtains to the tailor for a few alterations.

Hang a mirror in the hallway

hallway with white wall and mirror on wall

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Hallways look drab in murky January with limited natural sunlight, wet wellie prints all over the floor and coats pilled high on top of one another. To add new life to the entrance hall, add a giant mirror - the reflective qualities will make the walkway appear bigger and push light from another room into the little space.

Buy some new bed linen

bedroom with grey wall and lamp on drawer

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Make the most of linen sales - luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sets are discounted by 70% at many major retailers. Finish the look by adding a new throw in a sumptuous material or statement print with a few matching cushions to completely transform the bed.

Change the dining room table chairs

dining room with dining table and chair

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Whether you are upholstering, painting or changing them entirely, adding new chairs to your dining room will make the world of difference. You don't need to change the table, the décor colour or any other furniture - simply the chairs. Finish the look off with a few matching accents such as these frames.

Add a different the desk to the study

study room with white wall and desk

(Image credit: TBC)

Looking for some New Year motivation? Change your workspace! No, you don't have to rip out the room or completely restyle the study, simply change the desk by repainting it or having the leather spruced up. While you are at it, have a clear out and shred old papers - a clear space makes for a clear mind.

Wallpaper a feature wall in the kids' bedrooms

kids bedroom cartoon wallpaper and bed

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For a while they have been outgrowing their rooms but once you redecorate one bedroom they'll all want new chairs, built in storage and princess beds. By simply adding bold wallpaper to create a feature wall you have quickly transformed the entire room and made it easy to update the room when they've outgrown the design.

Add bold accents to the bathroom

bathroom with white wall and basin

(Image credit: TBC)

Bathrooms can be expensive and time consuming rooms to change, but by simply adding a few bold accents like these towels in zesty yellow, the bathroom looks new. Complement the new colour scheme by adding a matching side table, toothbrush pot and bath mat.

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

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