Can’t keep a houseplant alive? This is the secret weapon you need to keep your succulents and spider plants thriving

All you need is a smartphone or tablet
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  • If you find yourself drowning your cacti, starving your spider plants and simply baffled over  how to keep your new orchid alive, you need to try the SmartPlant app.

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    Plants are big business in the UK, with over 600 million being sold a year. However,50 per cent of plant buyers admitted to accidentally killing their leafy friends. It’s safe to say we need this app in our lives, correction our houseplants need it.

    SmartPlant app

    Smart plant app 1

    Image credit: SmartPlant

    The handy little app contains all the information you need to keep your houseplants alive. Experts are on hand to help answer any of your plant woes, saving you wading through gardening books and websites.

    The SmartPlant app currently works best with plants purchased at Homebase and Dobbies. When you buy a new plant, check to see if it has a SmartPlant barcode.

    smartplant app 2

    Image credit: SmartPlant

    If it does, simply scan the barcode in the app and you’ll receive free, personalised, monthly plant care instructions. It will even collate all your plant care into a handy calendar on your phone and send you reminder notifications.

    You can add up to six plants to your app for free. However, to save the care tips for more plants you will need to pay a small subscription fee.

    The entire plant range at Homebase was added to the SmartPlant app in February.

    Smartplant app 3

    Image credit: SmartPlant

    ‘We’ve been helping customers bring plants into their homes and gardens for over 35 years, and along with our in-store experts, customers can now have the confidence to buy the plants they want to grow,’ says David Gillespie, plant buyer at Homebase. ‘They will also have better information as to how to care and look after them to make them look better for longer.’

    However, the app will work just as well with plants from your local garden centre. Simply snap a photo of your plant and you can get advice from an expert within 24 hours

    The app is also fully integrated with Amazon Alexa.  So if you already know what your plant is called, simply ask your Alexa.

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    Now you have no excuse for drowning your spider plant.

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