Jungle bathrooms are the latest trend taking over Instagram

How to create your own
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  • Is every bathroom you’ve seen recently on Instagram dripping in foliage and house plants? Welcome to the jungle bathroom trend.

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    The hashtag #Junglebathroom has already been used across 1,229 posts and counting on Instagram. The concept is simple – cover your bathroom top to toe in greenery until you feel like your in the jungle.

    Jungle bathrooms

    jungle bathroom 2

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Trust us, it looks a lot better than it sounds. Just feast your eyes on a couple of our favourite jungle bathrooms from Instagram.

    The bathroom has played a pivotal role in the increasing push towards taking time for ourselves and relaxing in the last few years.

    We have transformed our plain old bathrooms into mini spathrooms, filled with candles and bath trays, laden with wine. However, the jungle bathroom has taken the relaxing theme one step further.

    Not only does filling the bathroom with house plants look gorgeous, but it will leave you feeling like you’re relaxing on a tropical island. At least for half an hour after the kids have gone to bed.

    If you want to dip your toe into the trend with a few leafy additions to your bathroom you’ll need to pick your plants strategically.

    ‘Avoid using dry favouring plants such as cacti and succulents in your bathroom,’ explains botanical stylist and houseplant stylist Michael Perry. ‘They won’t like the excess moisture and instead, choose rainforest plants that are used to low light levels and high humidity.’

    jungle bathroom 3

    Image credit: Georgia Burns

    ‘Bromeliads and air plants are used to rainforest conditions,’ he adds. ‘They thrive in bathroom environments – a quick spritz of water every few days is all the moisture they need.’

    ‘Ferns are an excellent choice for lowlight level rooms, so a bathroom without a window is ideal,’ says Michael.

    Layer different sized plants up on the floor in standing pots to create the impression of an undulating carpet of green. Alternatively, stack them up on shelves interspersed with hanging plants to make a living feature wall.

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    Will you be dipping into the jungle bathroom trend?

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