This Smeg Mickey Mouse fridge will bring some Disney delight to your kitchen

You wouldn't usually want a mouse in your kitchen, but this is an exception!

Usually, the most exciting thing about a fridge is the food inside. But this Smeg Mickey Mouse fridge is about to change all that. It's been launched to celebrate three milestones, the first two being Smeg's 70th year and the first anniversary of its London flagship store. It also commemorates the Disney icon's 90th birthday – although we do wonder how old he is in mouse years...

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Smeg is already known for its daring collaborations, having previously paired up with Dolce & Gabbana, Mini and Veuve Cliquot, but this is certainly the cutest.

kitchen with brick wall and mickey mouse fridge

(Image credit: Smeg)

Smeg has literally taken the Mickey... and plastered him on the front of a Fab28 fridge. The bespoke sketch is extremely endearing, showing Mickey playfully reaching for the fridge’s handle. And to make it even more special, only 90 – one for each of Mickey's birthdays – will be made.

Each will have its own silver plaque showing its unique number, and will be available to buy exclusively from Smeg’s flagship store at 14 Regent Street, London.

In store only: FAB28RDMM3 Mickey fridge, £1,699, Smeg

room with grey wall smeg mickey mouse fridge and wooden table

(Image credit: Smeg)

'Both brands are synonymous with bringing the family together,' says a Smeg spokesperson. 'For Smeg, at the heart of the company lies a focus on food, family and entertaining. Meanwhile for Disney, at its core lies the ability to bring people of all ages together.'

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What we love about this statement fridge is its timeless quality. Mickey hasn't aged in nine decades, and the Fab has been a style icon since the 1990s, so you can be fairly confident this design will last the distance.

Nor is this a case of style over substance – inside, there are adjustable glass shelves, chrome shelving supports, metal wine racks, LED strip lights, an ice compartment and a Life Plus drawer, which keeps fruit and veg fresher for longer.

We wonder if they've already sold out?!

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