Sofology has launched a unique new sofa rental service perfect for indecisive shoppers

Want a new sofa but can't justify buying one? Renting is the perfect solution

The last year has meant more time on our sofas than ever before, and yet it's often the most disliked piece of furniture in our homes. After all, our sofas get so much use it's no wonder they can often look tired – not to mention that a change of colour scheme can mean it no longer works with your decor.

If you're fed up of your current sofa, in desperate need of a new one, or simply fancy a change to fit in with living room trends, it's well worth consider renting a new sofa instead of buying. Sofolgy is the latest brand to enter the furniture rental market.

While renting isn't anything new, Sofology's new Loop service has taken a new approach to it so you don't have to worry about your rented sofa turning up with marks or signs of wear.

A grey sofa with yellow and orange cushions in a green living room with a wall shelf of pictures and ornaments

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Sofology sofa rental service

Loop is a flexible, sustainable service that allows you to rent well-designed pieces at an affordable price for as long as you need them – and the only part of the furniture that will have been used before is the metal frame, meaning each sofa looks and feels brand new.

Sofology's new Virtue upholstery collection offers seven fabric shades for you to choose from and it's not only sofas you can rent, but armchairs and footstools, too. The beauty of this scheme is that you can change your furniture up whenever you want, without feeling bad about it.

It is perfect for homeowners who can't decide on the best sofa for their homes.

Bored of the green sofa you rented for six months? Change it up for a different colour. Or mix and match sofa and armchair colours for a real colour splash.

Mustard coloured sofa in a blue living room with wooden floors and cream rug

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How is it sustainable?

To start with, each rentable piece from the Loop service is crafted in the UK from sustainably sourced materials (including cushions, fabric FSC-certified wood). Then, when the furniture is returned, every element, from the springs to its feet, will be removed and recycled, with nothing going to landfill.

The metal frame, which has a 25-year-old life span, is then reupholstered and used again. Clever, eh?

How long can I rent a sofa for?

Keen to fit in with changing lifestyles, Sofology's Virtue range is available on six, 12 and 18-month rental plans – so you can have it for as little or as long as you like.

Burgundy red sofa with velvet cushions in front of a white brick while and on a black and white patterned rug

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Plans start from as little as £20 a month for a footstool and £65 for a three-seater sofa.

Would you consider renting a sofa?

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