Sofology has launched a range of velvet sofas your pets and kids can't ruin!

Even if your pet snuggles up on these sofas, they'll stay looking and smelling fresh

Sofology has partnered with sofa fabric brand Aquaclean to offer an exclusive pet-friendly fabric on their City Living ranges. 

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Let’s face it, it’s not uncommon for our beloved four-legged friends to find their way onto the sofa for a snuggle, but that can result in scratches, pulls and unpleasant odours. Ultimately the range means your sofa will last longer and stay looking (and smelling) lovely!

Announcing the partnership, Suzy McMahon, Buying Director at Sofology said, 'We know that life can be busy and sometimes the living room can get a little crowded. This collection is the ideal solution for families with pets and another way that we can help our customers feel at home on a sofa that they love.'

pet friendly sofa and potted plant

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Sofology pet-friendly sofas - how it works

Velvet may seem too delicate as an option for both young families and households with pets, what with sticky fingers, spills, muddy prints and scratchy claws.

However, the Aquaclean polymide velvet fabric is stain resistant, plus the non-woven, super smooth finish makes it easy to remove pet hairs as its structure is more resistant than traditional fabrics. The barrier between the fabric loops and the top part of the fabric helps prevent any snagging and scratches. 

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Buy now: Islington 2 seater sofa in Nordic Teal, £899, Sofology

The two innovative technologies, Aquaclean and Safe Front, are the secret and science behind the range.

The Aquaclean stain release technology is a protective, invisible cloak that means stains can be easily cleaned and wiped away with just water. This means they can withstand being cleaned over and over again. It also means those doggy odours won’t linger either.

The Safe Front component kills bacteria, viruses and dust mites, and prevents them from reproducing, protecting both pets and the family. 

The sofa ranges

Designed with trend-led style in mind, the City Living collection of sofas and footstools all feature the clever, pet-friendly Nordic fabric, including the Islington, Finchley and Bakerloo with clean, contemporary lines and plush finish. 

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Buy now: Bakerloo 2 seater sofa in Nordic Mink, £899, Sofology

The eye-catching, fluted Marcie accent chairs also feature the problem-solving fabric - the perfect snoozing spot for a moggy we think! 

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Buy now: Marcie in Nordic Tangerine, £449, Sofology

James Lowe, sofa fabric expert at Aquaclean, commented: 'With the sofa at the heart of every home, these Sofology sofas will keep the most important room in the house looking spotless, whatever life throws at it.'

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The fabrics are available in nine colours and four different ranges in Sofology showrooms nationwide and online, with a starting price of £899 for a two-seater sofa.