Cleaning tips every pet-lover should know to keep their home spotless and hair free

Never let your four-legged friend ruin your carpet or sofa again
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  • Whether you have a cat or dog, trying to keep a clean house with pets running around might seem like an impossible challenge. Muddy paw print, pet food stains not to mention pet hair can build up fast if you don’t keep on top of the cleaning.

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    To help you tackle your four-legged friends mess the cleaning experts at Dr Beckmann have shared their top tips for how to keep a clean house with pets.

    How to keep a clean house with pets

    1.Leave muddy pawprints on the carpet to dry

    Fluffy retriever puppy sitting on carpet at home

    The carpet is the main battleground for pet stains or muddy paw prints. While it might be tempting to try and immediately wipe away any mud, instead let the mud dry and scrape off the dried dirt. ‘

    Then with the help of a stain remover such as the new Dr Beckmann’s Pet Stain & Odour Remover, tackle the leftover mark.

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    2.Use an anti-bacterial product to clean hardwood floors

    Floors can harbour a host of unseen dirt and germs, especially when you have pets roaming around. Keep floors clean by mopping floors with an anti-bacterial product. Just remember to check the product is safe for use around animals.

    3.Wash cushions regularly

    How to keep a clean house with pets 2

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    We all love snuggling with our pets on the sofa. However, it’s important to regularly wash the cushions if you do this. Pop the covers, cushion pads and pillows in the washing machine with a non-bio detergent, and tumble dry after to keep them smelling fresh.

    4.Invest in a sticky roller for pet hair

    Trying to get dog and cat hair off clothes and furniture is tough, however, a sticky roller or pad should help keep visible hair at bay. Run a vacuum cleaner over sofas and other furniture regularly to capture any unseen hair and dust.

    5.Regularly wash the pet bed and accessories

    how to keep a house clean with pets 3

    Image credit: Future plc

    Pet beds, toys and blankets can pick up a strong pet odour because they’re being used regularly. When choosing a pet bed opt for one that is machine washable, so it can be popped in the washing machine for an easy deep clean.

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    Armed with a bottle of Dr Beckmann Pet Stain & Odour Remover, a sticky roller and anti-bacterial cleaning product, there’s no excuse not to have a clean pet-loving home.

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