Organising experts The Style Sisters explain why no working from home station is complete without this 'must-have'

The pair share their top tips for staying organised when working from home

Working from home presents many challenges, from staying motivated to keeping your home and work station tidy. While the first one is down to you, we can help keep your home tidy with some working from home tips from organising experts, The Style Sisters.

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The Style Sisters, Gemma and Charlotte, have brought order to the homes of celebrities such as Rita Ora, Amanda Holden and Stacey Solomon. Working with Attic Self Storage, the duo are on a mission to bring order to our homes with their 'Style with Attictude' campaign.

If you're not lucky enough to have a home office, making space to work from home can be tricky. The Style Sisters have shared their top working from home tips to save space and keep your home in order, including the two must-haves no working from home station should be without.

The Style Sisters working from home tips

1. Use a portable lap tray

living room with frame on white wall and women work from home

(Image credit: Attic Self Storage / The Style Sisters)

If your sofa and coffee table has become your new desk, consider investing in a lap tray.

'Working from home isn't always great for your posture, so an easy solution is to buy a portable lap tray,' says the organising duo. 'We use a simple wooden lap tray with legs that balance on the sofa which is comfy and great if you want to relax with the TV on in the background.'

2.Invest in a pegboard and caddy holder

womens working with pegboard and caddy holder

(Image credit: Attic Self Storage / The Style Sisters)

'Two must-haves when work from home items are a pegboard and caddy holder,' explains The Style Sisters. 'With a pegboard, you can create mood boards and leave notes.'

'While a caddy holder allows you to keep stationery together like pens, pencils and markers, which can be carried around with a handle.'

Simply put both away when you're done at the end of the day.

3.Wheel around a work trolly

women working from home with laptop

(Image credit: Attic Self Storage / The Style Sisters)

A work trolly is great for creating a workstation that can be pulled out and put away at the end of the day.

'We like adding plants and candle to the top shelf,' says the pair. 'Add workbooks and folders to other shelves, chargers too - you can even have a printer if your trolly is big enough.'

4.Multiple-use areas

women is working from home with laptop

(Image credit: Attic Self Storage / The Style Sisters)

'Consider different areas of the home that can be used for multiple uses,' explains The Style Sisters. 'For example, a dressing table can double up as a desk. A kitchen work surface with a stool you can hot desk from. Put a small table in the hallway as a work hub, or an ironing board can be your stand up desk.'

'There are so many affordable ways you can work at home by utilising what you have.'

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Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to rethink your working from home set-up.

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