Organising experts The Style Sisters share six easy ways to boost your mood at home

Reclaim your home as a stress-free sanctuary

Over the last few months, our homes have become offices, school rooms, gyms and even pop-up bars. However, if you are starting to crave some peace, organising experts, The Style Sisters, have shared their top tips on how to make your home a sanctuary again.

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Lockdown restrictions may be lifting, but research by Attic Self Storage found that nearly half of Brits are continuing to work from home. Unfortunately, this has placed an extra burden on our homes with 1 in 2 bits desperate for more space. And 30 per cent feel stressed about the clutter taking over there home.

The Style Sisters have transformed the cluttered wardrobes and homes of countless celebrities, including Rita Ora, Amanda Holden and Stacey Solomon. So if your home has you feeling on edge instead of happy and relaxed, you can rely on their advice to help give your home the celebrity treatment.

How to make your home a sanctuary

1. Choose colours that boost your mood

blue dining room with table and hanging lights

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'Everybody has their own favourite colours that can help them feel happy, positive and relaxed,' explains the duo.

Before bringing any colour into the home the Style Sisters suggest doing a colour assessment.

'Use crayons, felt tips or paints to draw swatches and write down what mood each colour evokes in you,' they explain. 'you can use this as a basis to choose colours to boost your mood in different areas of your home.'

2. Use self-storage to create space

white room with self storage unit

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If you don't have an attic or basement, a self-storage unit like Attic Self Storage can be a great way to store family heirlooms, work files or Christmas decorations. However, remember to use a storage unit wisely, not just as a dumping ground for clutter.

3.Organise drawers and cupboards

white wardrobe with stool and mirror

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'We cannot stress enough how decluttering your wardrobe and cupboards make our clients feel instantly better,' insist The Style Sisters. 'Make space for the things you love.'

'We recommend buying storage boxes to categorise and contain items. For example, keeping books in one category, work items, arts and crafts, stationery, finances, etc. This also helps you find things quickly,' they add.

4. Bring the outdoors inside

yellow walled living room with pink sofa and wooden flooring

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'Bring nature into your home with natural woods, stones and plants, to create tranquillity the helps you feel refreshed and revived,' explains the duo.

Invest in easy to care for houseplants. If you don't have green-thumb faux plants can also work well.

5. Fill your home with scents you love

white room with velvet sofa and candles

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'Scents are a great way to switch off and unwind. Candles, diffusers, sprays and incense are easy ways to create lovely smells at home that can help boost your mood,' says The Style Sisters. 'Find what smells you love and add them to your home to activate your senses.'

Lavender can help you feel relaxed, while citrus is great for feeling more energised. Jasmine and rose oils can also help ease feelings of anxiety.

6. Add decorative lighting

white living room with sofa and basket

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'Decorative lightings is an easy way to make plain areas come to life and lift your mood,' explain the celebrity organisers. 'From adding lights to bookshelves to the borders of your doors, vases and in hallways, evenings and day times will feel like a haven with these simple touches.'

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It's time to reclaim your home a place to feel at peace and relaxed.

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