London set to get a ‘tropical indoor paradise’ – see all the pics!

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  • Thanks to Summerland you could soon be enjoying tropic temperatures and indoor beaches right in the heart of London

    Ever sat curled up on the couch on a Sunday listening to rain splodge and splat against the window whilst you dream of the beach but can’t go away as you have work in the morning?

    Well, you could soon have a holiday in a day thanks to Summerland – a new tropical indoor paradise set to open in the capital.

    Summerland is the concept from Stong & Co., an elite event design and production company, and will be your very own holiday sanctuary within the centre of London.

    The euphoric space will be made up of a lush jungle to explore, sand that channels Indian Ocean beaches, a hot spot bar under a giant waterfall to enjoy a tipple or two and a DJ platform to provide constant entertainment.

    Founder of Strong & Co., Debs Armstrong, describes Summerland as ‘a hyper real paradise’ and a space in which you can ‘relax and reconnect with your family and with your friends.’

    But how will they manage blue skies and tropical temperatures whilst London endures blizzard conditions? With the help of some technicians.

    Armstrong says set designers will use ‘film industry techniques to build a highly realistic film set’ that includes video mapping of the sky and controlling everything via computers – from the lights to the climate.

    Every four hours you spend within the walls of this utopian arena will feel like 24 hours thanks to sequences that allow sunsets and midday rays to fall just a few hours apart.

    What’s maybe most unique of all is that you can own a piece of this paradise in The Big Smoke.

    Via Seeders you can buy into the concept by investing a sum of money and becoming a shareholder in Summerland.

    Where else can you find an equity-funded paradise in the middle of a city?

    Whilst there is no official opening date as yet, we do know that the paradise park will be open daily from 9am-5.30pm. Families can enjoy special time and explore the caves and dine in the restaurants and by night (6pm-3am) adults can enjoy parties and themed-events.

    Where do we purchase our cabana, please?

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