People couldn't stop looking at this luxury Surrey estate on Rightmove in January

The Surrey estate was one of the most viewed properties in January

 January is always a peak time for causal house viewing online as we escape the dreary month with a little property escapism. However, this property in Guildford, Surrey, caught more than a few eyes last month becoming the second most viewed property on Rightmove in January.

If we're honest we couldn't be less surprised that the mega estate developed a sizeable fanbase on Rightmove. The property is currently on the market with Knight Frank for a cool £23,500,000.

It is made up of not one house, but three different houses, altogether totalling 17 bedrooms and bathrooms. That's not to mention the indoor pool, tennis court and luxury swimming pool.

The property is split into three areas Southways, Merrydown and Rowley Cottage. Southways is the largest house on the estate, so we thought we'd follow the rest of Rightmove's lead and take a look around.

Southways, Surrey

exterior with trees and grassland

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

The exterior is as grand as you would expect from a luxury home. The garden ideas are neat as a pin with a neatly mown lawn and a border of lush shrubs surrounding the patio.


hallway with chandelier and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Hallway ideas don't come much dreamier than this. The vast room has been broken up with small seating vignettes, offering space for guests to wait or to perch.

We can only dream of being able to fit two different seating options into our hallways, however, a carefully placed statement chair or bench will always make your hallway look that little be grander than it is.

Living room

living room with table and chandelier

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Did somebody say crushed velvet? This room is the definition of plush. The soft purple sofas and armchairs look smart but inviting at the same time. We love the large rug that has been used to ground the whole room and give it a cosy feel.


kitchen with cabinet and copper pans

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Even the largest kitchens need smart kitchen storage ideas, and in this space, the overhead storage pan rack works a treat. The copper pans are kept out the way and are easy to reach, however, they also make a striking decor statement.


bedroom with side table and table lamp

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

This is one of 7 bedrooms in the Southways house on the estate. The plush interior scheme has been continued into this room with golden flourishes from the four-poster bed and the window seat sofa.


bathroom with shower and bathtub

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Why choose between a luxury shower and luxury bathtub when you can have both? This marble bathroom has stuck to a simple colour palette but makes a statement nonetheless.

Walk-in wardrobe

walk in wardrobe space and glass round table

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

We couldn't resist showing you this show of the walk-in wardrobe. If you've recently started investigating walk-in wardrobe ideas for your home, can we please suggest you carefully consider your lighting? It really can make all the difference.

Swimming pool

swimming pool with sunloungers and white wall

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

The Gatsby-esque swimming pool is just one of the many incredible amenities this luxury estate has up its sleeve. You can see more of the property on Rightmove.

Can you see why people couldn't stop looking at this property on Rightmove last month?

Rebecca Knight
Deputy Editor, Digital

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