The ingenious tape measure hack that Instagram is calling ‘mind-blowing’

We can't believe we didn't already know this!! It's a game-changer for DIY fans
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  • If you have caught the DIY bug this year we have the perfect tape measure hack to make your new hobby run smoothly.

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    Tape measures are a handy piece of kit, but they can be fiddly when working out exact measurements. That is where this genius tape measure hack shared by brightbazaar on Instagram comes in.

    The New York-based blogger revealed that most tape measures have marked on the back how long the body of the tape measure is. This is a lifesaver when measuring something in a tight spot such as a window sill.

    Instead of doing your best contortionist act to bend the tape measure to get an exact measurement, simply run the tape measure till the plastic or metal body rests against the wall. Hit the lock button, and add the measurement on the back of the tape measure to the one show on the tape itself.

    Assuming your maths is right it should give you an exact measurement with minimal effort.


    Image credit: Future PLC

    In the reel Will Taylor, also known as brightbazaar on Instagram, demonstrates how the hack works.

    ‘When measuring things in tight corners or at height I lock the tape measure flat against the wall,’ he explains. ‘The tape measure is locked at 56 so I know that the total width is 58.’

    ‘How do I know that?’ he asks. ‘Here’s the secret, most tape measures have their length engraved on the back.’

    Fellow Instagrammers were as mind blown as the Ideal Home team by this genius tip.

    ‘OMG, really?!? 🤩’ commented one fan.

    ‘Wow 😮👌🔥🔥🔥’ wrote another.

    ‘Omg mind blown 🤯’ added another. We can definitely relate.


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    Getting measurements right is crucial when carrying out DIY, while decorating your home. The old saying goes measure twice, cut once.

    However, even when buying a sofa or planning hallway storage ideas, double-checking your measurements are correct can save alot of hassle in the long term. Anyone who has watched  The Home Edit on Netflix will know the importance 1mm can make between a dreamy storage setup and a messy room waiting to happen.

    Most standard tape measures are around 7cm. If the number isn’t engraved on the back it could be on the front in the form of a sticker.

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    Trust us, once you try this tape measure hack, you won’t believe how you ever used a tape measure without it.

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