The UK’s most Instagrammable walls

They're selfie-tastic

The people of Instagram love a good selfie. But they really love a good selfie wall. Just ask our Shopping Editor, Tamara, looking fab in this mystery location!

If you've ever wondered where your favourite Instagram stars are posing, we have good news. B&Q has teamed up with interior-obessesd Instagrammers Geraldine Tan, and Gloucestershire duo Jess & Emily, to uncover the UK’s most Instagrammable walls. And here they are!

Perhaps they'll inspire you to create your own unique mural? Although you'd probably be wise to confine it to the back garden or an interior wall...

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1. Paper Mill Studios, 9 City Garden Row, London

wall with Calm Cupid (lilac) Luminous Coral Blue Lullaby and Blue Whale

(Image credit: TBC)

Here's a pretty pattern to begin with. B&Q has suggested you can recreate this look with shades from their Valspar range – try Calm Cupid (lilac), Luminous Coral, Blue Lullaby and Blue Whale (grey).

2. Buxton Street Gate, Shoreditch, London

Buxton Street Gate

(Image credit: TBC)

You can't move for murals in Shoreditch, but this Pop Art-inspired design is proving particularly popular amongst Instagrammers.

3. Portmeirion Village, Gwynedd, North Wales

stone steps with tunnel

(Image credit: TBC)

Though you'll be hard pressed to find a spot in Portmeirion that's NOT Instagrammable, this one is pretty epic. And a little unexpected given its sleepy location. Fashionistas will be flocking to pose here.

4. Singer Street/Great Eastern Street, East London

building camille Walala

(Image credit: TBC)

The streets around the Silicon Roundabout are hardly known for their inspiring architecture, despite being a hub of creativity. But take a stroll past Old Street Station and you'll quickly spot this fabulously decorated building among the tatty takeaways and dull office blocks.

Not surprisingly, Camille Walala's 'Dream Come True' was commissioned by Splice, an uber-cool film and TV post-production company

5. The Sound House, 28 Southampton Street, Leicester

The Sound House Bring the Paint wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Bring The Paint have done what they say on the tin and transformed this Leicester music venue. It now rocks as hard outside as it does within.

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6. Clutch Chicken Cafe, 4 Ravenscroft Street, London

cafe with white bench table and grass ground

(Image credit: TBC)

This monochrome creation adorns the wall of Clutch Chicken Cafe in Bethnal Green. A stone's throw from Columbia Road Flower Market, we suggest you come here one Sunday morning and pose with some colourful blooms in hand, Morrissey style.

7. Wall near Nomadic Community Gardens, Shoreditch, London


(Image credit: TBC)

A band of volunteers has taken an abandoned space in Brick Lane and turned it into the Nomadic Community Gardens – a secret garden that's home to allotments, beehives, performance spaces and even a bike repair shop. You'll also find some fine examples of graffiti, like this one.

8. Flok, 5 Stevenson Square, Manchester

door with yellow and white wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Simple, but effective, this one. Floc, incidentally, is Manchester's first sherry bar. Or should that be Share-y bar? *Hangs head in shame*

9. Spaceman by Recoat & Ali Wyllie, New Wynd, Glasgow

space man paint on wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Spaceman is one of the stand-out murals in a City Centre Mural Trail launched in Glasgow in 2016. Jane Laiolo, is part of the team that runs the project on the council's behalf. 'The reason that we promote murals is to brighten up drab and dark areas in the city, gable ends and also to deal with graffiti hot spots,' she explains.

brick wall graffiti hot spots

(Image credit: TBC)

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Sounds like an Instagrammer's dream destination!

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