Social media is raving about this genius painting decking hack that gets the job done in 15 minutes

A definite light bulb moment
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  • A DIYer recently shared a hack for painting decking, and once you see it, you’ll wonder how this wasn’t already a thing. The TikTok video revealed how a broom is all it takes to get the job done in record time.

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    TikTok user Dad Dancer takes a standard broom and dips it in a tray of grey paint. He then runs the broom up and down the decking, just like you would if you were sweeping away dead leaves. You can watch the video for yourself here. Since it was posted the video has had around 26 million views.

    paint decking

    Image credit: Getty / Michael Moeller / EyeEm

    He says he did two coats, and it took him just fifteen minutes per coat. In a follow-up video, he recommends using a broom with nice soft bristles to avoid flicking paint around. Soft bristles will also help to achieve an even finish.

    This hack for painting decking is a clear example that if you get a lazy person to do a job, they’ll find a quicker way. It’s particularly helpful for those who suffer with a bad back, and stops you from hurting your knees, too.

    The people of TikTok were truly amazed, with thousands commenting on the game-changing video.

    ‘About to paint my deck, going to give that a try,’ one said.

    Another wrote, ‘Job well done, get the beers out!’

    ‘What!? That’s amazing,’ said a third.

    paint decking

    Image credit: Spike Powell/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC Syndication

    If your decking area is looking a little neglected, you’re certainly not alone. But a thorough clean and a lick of paint with this easy method will make a huge difference.

    It’s the perfect easy DIY job to tick off this Bank Holiday weekend, as it’s really satisfying and not too much effort once you’ve got hold of some paint.


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    Painting fencing and decking is, admittedly, one of the more fiddly tasks in the garden. We’d much rather be repotting plants or sowing some seeds, but freshly painted woodwork will work wonders.

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    There was some debate in the comments about which way is the ‘right’ way to lay your decking. We recently asked experts for the correct way to lay decking boards to settle the debate.

    If you’re spending some time in the garden this Bank Holiday weekend, you’ll find lots of tips for making a calming retreat on our garden ideas page.

    Will you be trying this hack?

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