UK women’s lack of housekeeping mean over half of us sleep on smelly sheets

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  • More than half of Brits sleep in dirty sheets and women are the worst offenders, according to a recent survey

    British women are more likely sleep in dirty sheets than the UK’s male population, according to the latest research from Dunelm Mill.

    Ahead of National Bed Week, home retailer, Dunelm Mill, has conducted a report by YouGov which reveals that over half (52%) of Brits could be sleeping in unclean sheets. The stats also show that women are the worst offenders when it comes to poor bedroom hygiene.

    Over half of women (55%) do not clean their sheets weekly, with 12%
    changing the sheets once a month and 1% admitting to never changing them
    at all. Men, on the other hand, were crowned kings of clean, with 40%
    changing the sheets with weekly regularity, and a further 8% managing to
    do it even more frequently than that.

    As a nation we’ve got some serious work to do to get up to the standards of TV’s Kim and Aggie. Just 2 in 5 of us (40%) are managing to change our sheets weekly in line with the cleaning gurus’ recommendation, 36% perform the task fortnightly, whilst shockingly, 17% of us fall far short of the mark and admit to changing dirty sheets just once a month or even less frequently.

    Here at Housetohome we think we’re above average – all of us ladies change our bedlinen on a weekly basis. A quick straw poll of our boyfriends’ habits (one of which didn’t change his sheets for 6 months), shows that for this bunch at least, men are the dirty lot.

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