Ahoy there! Upturned boat complete with fridge, cooker and 12 voltage sound system sails to victory as the Shed of the Year 2013

A 100-year old boat located in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been crowned the UK's best shed, much to the delight of owner and self-confessed 'sheddie' Alex Holland

Woo hoo, it's National Shed Week and you know what that means, right? Yes the award for Shed of the Year 2013 has been announced, and this year it's been presented to Alex Holland for his eco-friendly boat design.

Ok, okay, I know what you're thinking - it's just a shed in the shape of a boat. Well this eco-friendly invention is much more than that.

Made from an 100 year old reclamined vessel, the shed is nestled in the mountains,
750ft above sea level (!). Inside it features a wood burner, a gas cooker
and an eco-friendly solar panel to generate
electricity for the LED lights, a 12v sound system and even a fridge.

shed with wooden door and nature surrounded

(Image credit: TBC)

This year the competition was fierce with record numbers of shed fanatics (or 'sheddies' as they're affectionately known) vying for the much coveted prize, sponsored by paint company, Cuprinol.


Last month we revealed the finalists who had created a host of weird and wonderful garden retreats, from a shed in the shape of huge pirate ship to an industrial Nissen style hut. There was even a 'pub' shed complete with it's own bar.

2 man holding a shed of the year banner

(Image credit: TBC)

Speaking about his victory Alex Holland said: 'With the £1,000 prize from the sponsors Cuprinol I intend to buy a second hand 400w 12v wind turbine to augment the solar panel to give me enough electricity to make ice in the fridge for gin and tonics, and to ensure the cider and beers are always chilled.

'I'll then be able to have a proper party to celebrate with those who have supported me in getting so far.'

shed house with wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

This year's winner was selected by a high profile judging panel including Channel 4 property presenter
Sarah Beeny, British designer, writer and television presenter Kevin McCloud, Shed of the Year founder Uncle Wilco and 2012 winner John Plumridge.

phone call blue shed

(Image credit: TBC)

Now in its seventh year, the competition attracted an impressive 1,975 entries and features eight separate category winners.

red shed with grass land

(Image credit: TBC)

In preparation for the competition, entrants have spent the last year
renovating their sheds for the annual celebration in the hope of taking
home the grand prize of £1,000 cash, but much more importantly for the self-confessed sheddies, they win the title of the nation's
best shed.

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