This space saving clothes drying hack is a game-changer for small homes

Why didn't we think of this before?

During the winter months finding space to hang clothes out to dry can be challenging, however, this Venetian blind clothes drying hack is a shortcut to drying clothes in a small space.

Liverpudlian Joel Thomas discovered the unique drying rack idea when he and his wife were struggling to find space to hang clothes to dry in their small terrace house.

'My wife had been complaining that she didn’t have enough space to dry our laundry - which is a regular occurrence in our busy home! She was adamant that she didn’t want to buy a clothes horse as we only have a tiny terrace house and already struggle for space,' Joel told 247 Blinds.

Venetian blind clothes drying hack

As a solution, Joel suggested hanging the washing on the Venetian blinds above the radiator. Unsurprisingly, Joel's wife wasn't immediately taken with the idea of jeopardising the new blinds by trying to dry the washing quickly.

window blinds and potted plants

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'She was totally against the idea to begin with, worried that the wet washing would end up pulling down our newly-replaced blinds,' says Joel. 'I managed to persuade her that they would be strong enough to hold up some light laundry and so she came home to the blinds having become home to all our socks and smalls!'

Surprised by how effective the hack was, the pair have made it part of their weekly washing routine. 'It works really well for smaller items of clothing and underwear and now it’s become a staple part of our weekly washing regime.'

If you're hoping to save on energy bills, by skipping the tumble dryer and letting your socks dry naturally, this space-saving hack could be worth a shot.

drying clothes on window blinds

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However, to ensure it is effective and you don't damage your blinds Michelle Wall, Interior Consultant at 247 Blinds recommends cleaning the blinds first and only using it for light items.

'Start by giving your blinds a quick wipe to eliminate any dust or dirt from the surface before placing items on top,' she says. 'When it comes to hanging, be careful not to place anything too heavy on the blind as this could pull it down, or damage them. A tip would be to keep the weight distributed evenly across the blinds to avoid pressure being in one area.'

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