Lynsey Queen of Clean's unusual hack for getting rid of stains is foolproof

You'll need to pop to the garage first

Getting rid of stains in your home can be a nightmare. However, Lynsey Crombie, Instagram's Queen of Clean has an unusual WD-40 hack that promises to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

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WD-40 is a garage staple, perfect for keeping everything from gardening tools to bike frames in good nick. However, on Instagram, the cleaning expert revealed that the product can also be used inside the house as a stain remover.

Lynsey explains that she uses WD-40 to remove stubborn stains caused by the yellow pollen from lily flowers.

WD-40 stain remover hack

room with cactus and lily flowers in vase

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'I absolutely love lily flowers, so pretty and really lift a room. But the orange/yellow lily powder is a real stubborn stain that is very often hard to remove using my normal natural stain removal treatments,' she shares in an Instagram post. 'And you certainly don't want a lily stain patch in the middle of your carpet.'

'If you don't have a fancy stain remover to hand, run out to your garage and grab a can of WD-40,' she explains. 'A quick spray and voila the stain will be banished. WD-40 dissolves awkward stains making them easier to remove with a damp cloth.'

However, the one downside is the chemical smell explains Lynsey. 'You'll need to wash any fabrics you use it on with laundry detergent straight away,' she adds.

wd 40 multi purpose spray

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In the comments, Lynsey explains that the tip doesn't just work on pollen, but red wine, tea, coffee and cola stains. If your child is a fan of slime, it will also work wonders on cleaning it up.

If you don't have any WD-40 to hand, Lynsey also recommends using shaving foam as a cheap alternative to carpet stain remover.

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These stain removal hacks are Lynsey Queen of Clean approved. But when cleaning any carpets or furnishings divert a potential disaster by always remembering to do a spot test first.

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