The most googled cleaning chores in 2020 revealed – and how to tackle them

We answer the most googled cleaning 'how to...s'

 If you've been using the last few months to get your home sparkling clean, you're not alone. Compared too last year there has been a surge in people googling cleaning chores.

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A recent study by Love 2 Laundry has revealed the five most googled cleaning chores. From cleaning windows to how to hinch your oven, we have the answers to your most googled cleaning queries.

Most googled cleaning chores

1. How to clean windows

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Searches around how to clean windows have grown by 317 per cent since last year. A quick and easy tip to get your windows shining is to just wash them with warm soapy water. Then wipe them with paper to a newspaper to remove any streaks.

2. How to clean a laptop screen

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When cleaning a laptop screen, do not use any glass cleaner you'd find in the cleaning aisle. A microfibre cloth should help remove any build-up of dust or dirt.

However, different laptop screens will need to be cleaned in different ways, so for a more thorough clean see what your laptop brand recommends for cleaning.

3. How to clean oven glass

Search for how to clean oven glass has risen by 177 per cent. Not surprising considering the nation's rediscovered love of baking.

Mrs Hinches favourite top tip for getting the oven glass shining again is to use her favourite product The Pink Stuff. Apply it to the oven door with a cloth, then rub it into the glass door with a dishwasher tablet to remove grease and grime.

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4. How to clean the oven

There have been 174 per cent more searches for how to get your oven in shipshape condition. Cleaning an oven is slightly different from tackling the oven glass.

An oven cleaners such as oven-mate will make short work of removing grease and burnt-on food. However, you can also make your own with baking soda. Mix with warm water, apply to the oven overnight and rinse away with hot water.

5. How to clean Venetian blinds

house with venetian blind window

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It's no wonder the search around how to clean Venetian blinds has increased. These slatted blinds can be tricky to keep dust-free.

The trick to keeping your blinds clean is regular dusting. This can easily be done with a feather duster. Take at our how to clean Venetian blinds guide for tips on how to give your blinds a deeper clean.

If you have any cleaning queries check out our care and cleaning page for tips to get your home sparkling.

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Will you be giving your home a spring clean this weekend?

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