Zoopla reveals the bungalow is making a comeback as the property hunters home of choice

Move over 'detached' and 'semi-detached'
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  • The bungalow was once the height of fashion in the 60s and 70s, but in subsequent years its fallen largely out of favour. However, new research reveals that the one-floor homes could be making a comeback.

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    Zoopla has revealed that when searching for homes more people are on the hunt for a bungalow rather than a detached house.

    By analysing 12 months of search terms, Zoopla pulled together a list of the top ten property must-haves for house hunters, in which the term ‘bungalow’ came in just ahead of ‘detached’.


    Image credit: Zoopla

    The much-maligned bungalow had largely fallen out of favour with house hunters. However, with an ageing population, the single-floor homes are once again getting some time in the spotlight. Their lack of stairs holds a strong appeal for people looking to settle into a home that will last them into their golden years, and the vast array of possible extension ideas for bungalows means they can be adapted for different needs.

    However, ‘bungalow’ only managed to scoop up fourth place as the most searched for term over the last 12 months. ‘Garage‘ took the top spot as the most searched for term on the Zoopla website.

    It illustrated that we are still a nation with plenty of petrol heads (or, let’s be honest, hoarders).

    Bungalow 3

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    Unsurprisingly, ‘garden‘ slipped into second place as the most searched for term on Zoopla. While ‘parking’ came in third place.

    However, Zoopla found there were stark differences in what property hunters in different parts of the UK were searching for in their homes.

    People looking for homes in the South West were found to be mainly searching ‘sea view’ and ‘cottage’, probably imagining an escape to the coast.

    Bungalow 4

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    In contrast, the search terms ‘acre’ and ‘rural’ revealed that property hunters in the East of England and Yorkshire were looking for their very own rural idyll. Which is unsurprising as two of the most beautiful rural areas in the UK.

    ‘Whilst terms such as ‘garage’, ‘parking’ and ‘driveway’ demonstrate that Britain still loves its cars there are unique differences that reflect the needs of local property markets,’ says Laura Howard, Consumer Expert at Zoopla.

    ‘The once unfashionable bungalow continues to make a comeback highlighting an ageing population that wants to enjoy the benefits that single-floor living provides,’ she adds.

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