Holiday packing – all you need to know for easy breezy travels

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  • Travelling off on our holidays can be stressful enough, especially when juggling little ones, without the fear of chaotic suitcases bursting open on the carousel

    It’s that time of year when we pack up and set off on our holiday, taking some time out from the busy 9 to 5 and de-stress. Nothing ruins the calm vibe quite like the madness of packing.

    Ideal Home Tips

    1. Always roll clothes when packing, never fold them. Rolled clothes take up less space and are less crumpled when unpacked. Tuck underwear into the gaps and stick rolled up socks inside shoes.

    2. Use a packing app. Once you’ve input your destination, your itinerary, how long you’re staying and who is travelling with you, you’ll get a checklist of what to bring, right down to how much underwear you will need. Try Packpoint, free for iOS and Android.

    3. Ensure that you have a lighter suitcase by wearing your heaviest clothing to travel in. After all, airlines weigh baggage, not you.

    4. Don’t pack anything that you can buy once abroad, such as shampoo and conditioner. These products are often just as cheap abroad. Most hotels will provide you with a hairdryer at your request.

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    Check out these clever buys that will make for a calm and organised trip.

    The tech-friendly carry on

    This ultra sleek case may be a tad on the pricey side, but it’s got the goods to back it up. The Bluesmart suitcase is the luggage of the future, offering GPS, remote locking, integrated battery charger for smart phones and tablets and handy built-in digital scales – oh and of course storage space, 34Ltr in fact!

    Buy Now: Bluesmart One Smart Luggage, £279, Amazon

    The compact atomiser

    That beautiful glass bottle of expensive perfume is a bulky extravagance, that potentially could get taken off you at security – even if you’re not flying its unnecessarily weighing you down. When packing for a weekend away save space by decanting your favourite fragrance into a neat and handy pocket-sized atomiser instead.

    Buy Now: Flo Refillable Perfume Atomiser 5ml, £10, Selfridges

    The straightener sleeve

    Raspberry hot sleeve Lakeland

    You may not need to pack a hairdryer for most destinations nowadays but who wants to run the risk of not packing straighteners? Humidity frizz anyone? No thanks! Straighteners are the hair tool so many of us can’t live without but they can be tricky to transport, especially after use.

    Lakeland can save the day with the Hot Sleeve that provides a heatproof sleeve so even just-switched-off straighteners can be stowed away safely. The pouch also features a plug catch to hold cords securely in place and prevent messy tangle cables when packing.

    Buy Now: Raspberry Hot Sleeve, £10.99, Lakeland

    The liquid bottles

    GoToob bottles at Cotswold Outdoor

    We all know the drill of transferring toiletries before your depart on your holidays, saving both space and waste. These GoToob travel bottles are made from squeezable silicone and have drip-free lids to ensure your clothes don’t get covered in shampoo. The ID labels are super handy so you know what’s inside each one once you’ve filled them.

    Buy Now: GoToob 37ml Bottles, £14 for 3, Cotswold Outdoor

    The handy wash bag

    Why is that holidays always mean we pack for toiletries? Making space for these extra lotions and potions is more manageable if you have a compact wash bag with compartments. The bright Forfina soft shell fold-out bag features plenty of storage compartments as well a handy Velcro strap so you can hand it on a hook or rail.

    Buy Now: Forfina Toiletry Bag, £8.50, Ikea

    The first-aid kit

    Boots Travel first aid kit

    As any good Scout will tell you it’s always best to be prepared. Keeping a stash of plasters etc is always a good idea, particularly for activity holidays and especially if you have little ones who are more than occasionally grazing knees and elbows. This neat St John Ambulance-endorsed first aid kit includes essentials such as sterile wipes, burn gel, plasters, insect spray and bandages.

    Buy Now: Travel First Aid Kit, £11.99, Boots

    The travel jewellery box

    Oliver Bonas Amelia Travel jewellery box

    Keep your accessories storage stylish even for holidays, with a little help from a smart jewellery box. This classy two tiered storage box has a textured finish in a vibrant mint shade, sporting a marble printed cotton lining. The top layer features 1 ring compartment and 3 others, while the second layer hosts 4 further compartments for watches, necklace and bracelets.

    Buy Now: Amelia Travel Two Tier Jewellery box, £26, Oliver Bonas

    Wherever your holidays take you this summer, we wish you safe travels and guaranteed good times.

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