Designers and property experts have called it - this unique front door colour is set to be huge in 2024

Here's why it could be a good choice for your home

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The colour of your front door is not something many of us change that often, but according to recent study, it could be something you might want to consider changing in the next year.

Our front door colours might seem inconsequential, but it can actually have a huge impact on the kerb appeal of your house, as well as the overall value of your property, and generally, the feel you get when you return home at the end of a busy day.

But which front door colours are set to be the most popular over the coming year? If you’re keen to be ahead of the curve, style-wise, there appears to be one front door colour steaming ahead of the rest in popularity – and it’s one you might not expect.

The front door colour set to soar in popularity in 2024

Black, white and grey are among the most popular front door colours, and it’s no surprise - these shades are inoffensive, cheaper to install, and will go with almost any house or flat facade.

However, a much lighter, brighter shade could overtake these classics in popularity into 2024, a study conducted by Magnet Trade predicts.

The kitchen, joinery, floors and doors retailer shared that searches on their website for ‘lilac front doors’ has seen the biggest search growth over the past 12 months of all their front door colours – and that the term ‘lilac front doors’ has also seen a 271% increase in Google searches over the past 12 months.

According to Jen Nash, Head of Design at Magnet Trade, it’s not all that surprising that more of us are turning to this fun colour.

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‘Pairing well with both light and dark exterior paint or brick work, it’s a versatile colour that complements a variety of architectural styles,’ she said. ‘It’s essentially a more romantic and playful version of grey, making it the ideal colour choice for those that want a clean and subtle front door with a splash of colour and character.’

Property expert at We Buy Any Home, Terry Fisher, shared that the recent trend towards pink in interiors could be responsible for lilac's rising popularity. 

'Pink front doors have also been on the rise recently, and lilac is a softer, more subtle alternative to the Barbiecore interiors trend,' he said.

He also explained that if you’re keen to try it, lilac is a fantastic front door idea, as it may even attract potential buyers if you’re looking to sell your home.

'A lilac front door can certainly be a good option if it fits in with the style of the home.
Plus, a fresh coat of paint on a front door, especially in an unconventional colour like lilac, can brighten up the space, and make it seem more inviting to potential buyers.'

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But what exactly is it about lilac that makes it such a good fit for a front door? 

Michael Rolland, Managing Director at The Paint Shed suggests that, 'Lilac has a sense of tranquillity and warmth, with an inviting energy that not only enhances the visual aesthetics of a home, but also creates a welcoming ambience.'

'So, whether you're aiming to revitalise your home's exterior or simply seeking to make a lasting impression on visitors, you might want to consider the timeless elegance of a lilac front door.'

If lilac isn’t quite your bag however, pink front doors (as mentioned), can also be a real show-stopper. Though if you're worried about front door colour mistakes, Jen recommends staying away from the hot pink shades of the recent Barbie movie, and embracing a softer pastel pink, not dissimilar to lilac.

Hallway with a pink front door, a staircase and a statement chandelier

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'A hot pink front door certainly makes a design statement and will make your home stand out,' she says. 'It is, however, a very bold colour choice that may not resonate with everyone and potentially narrow your pool of potential buyers when you decide to sell.'

Jen continued, saying, 'if you love the hot pink hue, go for it. But, if you’re looking for a front door colour that will withstand the test of time and boost your curb appeal, a pastel-toned pink and pastel hues in general are a reliable and on-trend choice.'


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