Best clothes airers and drying racks – our top-rated picks to shop now

These are the best clothes airers to snag now to add to your wash day arsenal

Clothes airer drying clothes in living room
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Investing in one of the best clothes airers on the market is something of a wash day necessity, especially when wet weather makes outdoor drying an impossibility. 

And, whilst any clothes airer will allow you to hang wet washing indoors, the best clothes airers will help to air dry clothes more efficiently, plus, one size doesn't always fit all.

If you want the fastest way to dry wet washing in the cooler months of the year, then opting for one of the best heated clothes airers or one of the best dehumidifiers on the market can cut drying times considerably. However, both of these options are going to cost more money than your average clothes airer, so if you want to dry washing indoors for less, we've rounded up the best standard clothes airers money can buy right here. 

We've included affordable options from Amazon and Argos as well as best-in-class designs from Brabantia and Lakeland, plus plenty of buying advice from the experts at the end of this buying guide.

Best clothes airers 2024

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How to choose the best clothes airer for your home

While the options for choosing the best clothes airer for your home are vast, there are a couple of things we recommend considering before purchasing one to ensure it's the best fit for you.

'As autumn rolls around and wet weather makes drying washing outdoors an difficult task, a good indoor clothes airer becomes an essential addition to the home', says our Ecommerce Editor, Amy Lockwood, 'especially if you're looking to save energy at home and cut on the cost of running a tumble dryer.'

That's why thinking through the best drying rack ideas for your home can help you to speed up the laundry process and make wash day less of a chore.

Clothes airer drying clothes in living room

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Here are some things to look for when choosing the best clothes airer, as advised by Lauren Roelofs, laundry category manager at Brabantia.

  • A good size – you want it to hold at least one load of laundry plus some hangers.
  • Storage – easy to put up and store away.
  • Something with a transport lock makes it easy to bring it in the house, even when fully loaded, and also prevents collapsing around kids!
  • Practical – adjustable wings are handy for hanging long trousers and loops for your clothes hangers add extra drying space.
  • Made to last – buy well, buy once, and all that.

Wall mounted clothes airer drying clothes

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Amy agrees, 'You'll want to look for an airer that's big enough to accommodate a full laundry load for your household. Most airers give you an idea of how many metres of drying space they offer in their specifications so you can gauge how much washing will fit.'

'You'll also want to consider what type of washing you need to dry – longer items like sheets, towels, and adult's dresses and trousers suit a taller airer, whereas children's clothes can fit better on a tiered design.'

'Although it's tempting to opt for a compact airer to save on space, that generally means the drying racks will be closer together which means washing will take longer to dry. Ideally, you want a clothes airer with well-spaced racks so there's plenty of space for air to circulate which means washing will dry quicker.'


Where can I buy a clothes airer?

Clothes airers can pretty much be found at a majority of retailers and are generally always available to buy, so don't worry, as you likely won't be sent on a similar goose chase as finding heated clothes airers in stock.

If none of the above struck your interest, these are our pick of the best retailers to browse through to find the best clothes airer for your home:

Shop clothes airers at Amazon
Shop clothes airers at Argos
Shop clothes airers at Dunelm
Shop clothes airers at John Lewis
Shop clothes airers at Lakeland
Shop clothes airers at Robert Dyas
Shop clothes airers at Very

Whichever clothes airer you choose to opt for, just remember to consider all your needs within your own living space and whittle your options down accordingly. Then, you'll be able to get the most out of this household essential.

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