The joy of a peg rail

5 ways to restore order in your home with the humble peg rail

Also known as the Shaker peg rail, this simple design can save any room in your home from disorder. The Shakers hung everything from pegs, even chairs! Use individually or run them around all four walls in a room. Paint to match your wall colour for a streamline look. There is nothing that can't be hung up on a peg rail...

Use in the bathroom

Freestanding baths are still a popular option but the rest of the room needs to be planned carefully to avoid lack-of-storage issues. A 5-peg rail mounted on the wall within easy reach from your bath is the perfect device for hanging your towels and loofars! For similar, try Willow and Stone.

bathroom with white wall and bathtub

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Transform your utility room

Run a row of peg rail at arms-reach
height to keep your home keeping kit off the floor. If you're tight on
space, this is a smart compact living solution. Ironing boards,
dustpans, brushes and brooms can all be hung.

room with wooden table and brushes with brooms

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A place for everything

Peg rail at eye level height works really well
along a kitchen wall. Placed above a splashback it creates a neat line
and is really handy for all your go-to kitchen tools you use on a daily
basis - sieve, grater, bottle opener and chopping boards.

kitchen room with white wall and tiles

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Bring order to your bedroom

Hung above your headboard, peg rail works
well in a row used wall-to-wall. Use to hang your bedroom must-haves -
dressing gown, a mirror and other bedside essentials. Paint to match
your wall colour or leave in a natural wood finish for contrast.

bedroom with wooden flooring and bed with cushions

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Use as a display piece

This bespoke peg rail design is hung at picture rail height. Painted in the same colour as the wall makes it a clean backdrop to display pictures and photos that are interchangeable.This would work well in a home office, you could even hang chalkboards or wall planners from the pegs. For similar, try Jali.

home office with wooden desk and photo frames on wall

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