Utility room shelving ideas – organise your laundry room supplies with chic shelf solutions

It doesn't matter how small or big your space is – the right shelving can make all the difference
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  • If ever there is a room where shelving is super important, it’s the utility room.The clue is in the name – you want to be able to UTILISE everything easily, and shelves ensure that everything is within easy reach.

    These most practical of spaces need to be organised and also safe – which is why it’s better to have detergents and cleaning products safe and away from little ones and pets, either up high or behind closed (and child-locked) doors.

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    Most things, however, can be popped on shelves. If you hate clutter, you might prefer to use baskets or tins on shelves. That way, items are hidden, but still accessible.

    Bespoke shelving is worth investigating if your utility room is small or an awkward shape, as it will help you get the most out of a space. It needn’t be prohibitively expensive either – a local carpenter may be able to create a simple carcase with adjustable levels for less than the price of an off-the-shelf shelving system.

    That said, a simple piece of wood mounted on two brackets is likely to be the most budget-friendly way to introduce shelving. Keep it the same colour as the wall if you want to keep your scheme simple and spacious. Or choose shelving in bright colours or an industrial mix of wood and metal if you’d prefer your shelving to be a feature.

    Always beware of how much weight your shelf can hold. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines if you are buying shelving and be very careful if you’re making your own.

    Read on for more of our practical and pretty utility room shelving ideas.

    1. Choose matching baskets in different shapes and sizes


    Image credit: Jo Henderson; Styling: Gemma Gear

    Find a corner in your home for a touch of laundry loveliness. Woven jute and coir baskets work beautifully in this open laundry area to store towels, throws and linens in an array of neutral tones. Label with swing tags to keep everything super organised.

    2. Place slim shelves behind the sink


    Image credit: Mark Scott

    Your sink is likely one of the busiest areas of your utility room. If you’re always using it for jobs like hand washing laundry/cleaning pets and children(!) it makes sense to have the things you need just a stretched arm away.

    A slim rack like this can squeeze behind any sink, and rails stop any taller bottles from falling out.

    3. Install shelves on brackets for cute country style


    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    These slim shelves on rustic brackets enhance the look of this stunning space, and are a super-affordable storage addition.

    4. Keep items organised in tins


    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    If carefully curated displays aren’t in your wheelhouse, don’t fret. A set of enamel tins in the same colour will look coordinated and smart, while keeping your laundry room essentials in check.

    5. Build a bespoke solution


    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Aah the dream! This lucky family has a commissioned a made-to-measure, wall-to-wall shelving solution. Notches allow the shelves to be moved up of down so the cubbyholes can be adapted to just the right size.

    This helps to make everything more organised and its placing deliberate. It also helps to accommodate taller items like wellies or a laundry basket when needed.

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    6. Take the door off standard units


    image credit: Colin Poole

    When your budget won’t stretch to bespoke, head to your local DIY ‘shed’ and pick up a standard kitchen cupboard carcass. There’s no need for a door, as now you can just grab items and get on with whatever you’re doing.

    It’s a really affordable idea that looks smart – especially when you don’t overdo it, cramming things on. This clever homeowner’s display is pitch perfect.

    7. A little shelving goes a long way


    Image credit: David Lovatti

    Bare walls can make a room seem much bigger, so you may be wary of adding too many shelves. Popping a couple in the corner still gives you a pretty little display area, without overwhelming the space.

    8. Use crates to collate items


    Image credit: Nick Pope

    Let’s be honest, most of your utility room is going to be used to store very practical and not very pretty things like your ironing board and handheld vac. And that’s fine.

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    But, take a crate or two – either attaching them to the wall or just resting it on the worktop – and this rustic shelving can be used to ‘frame’ and display a small collection of attractive items like plants. Gorgeous!

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