Craft Corner: How to give your desk a glam makeover

Give an old boring desk a glamorous makeover with this simple step-by-step guide.

Give a desk a glamourous makeover with this step-by-step guide. Love colour? We've chosen glitzy gold, but you can go for any hue you like, such as a striking silver or suave sapphire. The quick and easy update will instantly change your desk and keep you writing for hours.

Step 1: Cover the surface of your table in newspaper and secure firmly in place

Step 2: Spray primer onto the table legs

Step 3: Leave the primer paint to dry

Step 4: Coat the legs in a spray paint of your choice

Step 5: Leave the paint to dry

Step 6: Apply a top coat

Step 7: Remove masking tape and newspaper

Top tip: Accessorise your desk in details that match the colour of the legs for a polished look