Designer Spotlight Matthew Williamson

Designer Spotlight: Matthew Williamson on his design influences

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  • Ideal Home meets designer Matthew Williamson to talk about his design influences, his personal style and tips for creating the perfect home.

    What would you say your influences are?
    I think my influences are broad and wide like lots of designers, I think it comes from all manner of sources whether it be fashion, film, music, travel. Lots of artists and designers from the seventies, I often cite Zandra Rhodes, who I once worked for, as a huge inspiring designer, she influenced my love of pattern and textiles. Ossie Clark in fashion, Christian Lacroix, those designers that were really keen on pattern and texture and I think that’s really where my love of what I do today began.

    How would you describe your style in three words?
    If I were to describe my style in three words I would say decorative, natural and optimistic.

    What would you say makes a house a home?
    I guess what makes a house a home is an ability to create a space that speaks to you, works practically for you and first and foremost performs for you.

    How would you advise on choosing colour in the home?
    I guess if I were advising on colour, and colour at home specifically, I would suggest maybe an interior design sin but I’d probably avoid white. Perhaps more neutral tones, warm tones, maybe not beige but there’s an amazing palette available of very soft muted putty-like tones, greys and subtle greens. Hot and cold is a good marriage as well, to combine what are considered cooler colours with hot tones. When you put them together it’s a happy marriage.

    Could you tell us a bit more about your home life?
    I have a dog and he is a little terrier and by name and nature he’s called Mr Plum. He’s the best thing and I love this little dog, he’s adorable, he’s my best friend and loyal companion. I’m not the strictest of dog owners so I’ve kind of made my own bed and he definitely lies in it.

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