Modern Country Makes: Match jar holder

In a few easy steps we show you how to turn plain old jars into cute storage containers for matches.

In this episode of Modern Country Makes we show you how to make a match holder jar.

You will need:
- Screw-top Kilner jar
- Sandpaper
- Scissors
- Metallic paint
- Doubled-sided tape
- Glue
- Matches
- Pencil
- Paintbrush

Step 1: Take the lid out of the screw-top section of your Kilner jar. Lay onto a piece of sandpaper and trace around the outside of the Kilner lid. Cut out and stick on with double-sided tape.

Step 2: Glue back onto the lid

Step 3: Paint the bottom section of the glass using shimmery gold paint.

Step 4: Paint several layers, leaving to dry between each one. Don’t forget the bottom!

Step 5: Fill your jar with matches and screw the top back on. You can use the sandpaper on top to light your match.This match holder jar is pretty enough to be left on display. Enjoy!