Simple Solutions: Ombre Ikea lampshade hack

Want to personalise your Ikea lampshade? This Regolit lampshade has been transformed with a simple paint effect. Watch our latest Simple Solutions video to find out more…

You will need:
Regolit paper lamp shade, Ikea
Spray paint in chosen colour
Toilet roll tubes or plastic cups
Old newspaper or drop cloth

Step 1: Choose a well ventilated spot, preferably outside, to spray your lampshade. Lay down a dropcloth or plenty of old newspaper to protect surfaces.

Step 2: Place your assembled lampshade in the middle of your drop cloth using a couple of toilet rolltubes to support the shade and stop it rolling away.

Step 3: Starting at the top and working overhead spray your shade with the spray paint in a circularmotion moving around and down the shade.

Step 4: Build layers of paint, adding more to the top of the shade, getting lighter as you move down tocreate an ombre effect.

Step 5: Allow to dry. Once dry hang in your chosen spot

Tip: We sprayed our lighting flex the same colour for a unified look.

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